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High Park Leash Free Dog Park Area

The off-leash area inside High Park is located between Grenadier Restaurant and the High Park zoo. Click here for map

The park is not fully fenced so make sure that your dog won't run away as soon as you take off the leash from his/her collar.

High Park Dog Park
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There is running water inside the park so you don't need to bring water with you from home, however, do bring plastic bags to pick up after your pet. Near the park entrance there are a few large benches and tables where dogs and owners can socialize.

There are many open areas and trails inside High Park but it is not permitted to let your dog off leash anywhere outside the dog park area - people will get really mad if you do that, even if your dog is well behaved.

Membership is not required for this dog park, however, in accordance with the City of Toronto bylaws, all dogs must have a valid dog license and must be vaccinated against rabies.

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