Adventure Park for Kids

Possibly the largest outdoor playground in Ontario, the Jamie Bell Adventure Park is located by the Duck Pond, close to the High Park Blvd. entrance from Parkside Ave. An ice cream truck is convenienty located nearby on hot days!

If I was a kid this is where I would hang out all the time. After all, this park was designed in part by children and children also helped building it.

"Mary, could you help me create your dream playground?" Awesome idea, Mr. Bell. The park is full of fun sfuff: castles, ropes, swings, ladders, slides and artwork by kids and adult volunteers.

High Park playground
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As with most attractions, the playground can be overwhelming -- especially for younger children -- on really busy days, such as (long) weekends.

Playground burnt to the ground

On March 18, 2012 the playground was torched overnight by a suspected arsonist. When I read news articles about this it seemed that the entire park burnt down but I've visited the parks since and I was glad to see that half of the park is still useable and wasn't affected by the fire.

I really don't know what to say. Just how low can people go? Why would someone burn down a great, community-built, beloved and beautiful playground?

Companies and people have already offered help to re-build the park. Canadian Tire pledged $50,000 to help rebuild the playground the day after the fire. Then, on March 27th, Landscape Ontario pledged $300,000 in parts, design and labour. Thank you!

As of August 2012 the playground has been open again!

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