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Mud, February 3, 2016 , posted by Deirdre , info@kutasi.com

I love High Park & have been going everyday with my dogs for the last 20 years. In past years you used to put wood chips on the trails. It used to help with the mud and the ice, but you have stopped doing it in recent years & was hoping you could start doing it again. The mud is very treacherous right now & it would make the park a lot safer & cleaner.

I love high park, February 2, 2016 , posted by Jesse Martin , Finolaiscute@gmail.com

Hello , I'm not sure if I'm in the right spot with regards to my question . But I love high park and live right up the street . I have a dog and we love the off leash paths . My wife and I also walk the circle road every evening and it is really quite lovely and calming , most especially in the summer . I have seen people driving around with a "I Love High Park" sticker on the vehicle and I was wondering where I would be able to acquire one for myself. If you could send a few to me I would really appreciate it or please help redirect me. Thanks so much and have a nice day !!
Jesse Martin
70 high park avenue
Unit 1102
Toronto , Ontario , Canada
M6P 1A1

Population/Attendees who visit, February 1, 2016 , posted by Stefanie , stefanieince@dystoniacanada.org

Hi There,

I'm interested (if you have this inforamtion) in how many people on average attend High Park in June? Any numbers you have (annual visitors, monthly visitors, weekend visitors) would be great! Thank you! Stefanie

gift shop, January 27, 2016 , posted by Anne Deen , theluckydipcompany@gmail.com

please may I have the email address of the buyer for the gift shop

Beware of Car Theft, January 25, 2016 , posted by Michael

Yesterday my digital camera was stolen out of my car which was parked in the lot across from Grenadier Cafe. It was stupid of me to have left the doors unlocked with valuables inside but it is also frustrating to know there are criminals lurking in a park I have been coming to frequently for so many years. It was between 4:00 and 5:00pm Sunday afternoon.

Coyotes, January 14, 2016

Jan 14, 2016
There were 2 coyotes running across Durie Street, just north of Bloor, a day ago. I worry about my cat, as I understand the neighbour's cat has gone missing and probably because of a hungry coyote.

Dogs Off Leash, January 9, 2016 , posted by ,

As for people concerned about dogs off leash. Call 311 and report it to Services Toronto. I've spoken with a city councillor, and if 311 gets enough calls, they will eventually send an officer to High Park whose sole job is to police the issue.

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