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Park history, April 16, 2014 , posted by Charles Hooker , chuckcynthia@gmail.com

You do not describe the history of High Park, John Howard\'s legacy or the Howard House in the south. Please include them. I lived near High Park in my youth and knew every trail from Bloor Street to Lake Ontario. I hope the bison are better cared for now.

Sakura April 16, 2014 Update, April 16, 2014 , posted by Admin

The cherry trees will not bloom during the Easter weekend. They will also not bloom on the weekend of April 26-27. Due to the harsh winter and the unusually cold weather in April it is likely that blooming won't occur until early May.

Kevin: No, it's not possible that the trees won't bloom at all this year.

Rich: Thank you for taking the time to send in your update!

No blooming in April 2013, April 16, 2014 , posted by Rich

I took a brief detour during my morning walk to check out the trees: no sign of blooming anytime soon. The buds are just turning green and aren't swollen which usually means another two weeks at least. Hope this helps!

No blooming at all?, April 16, 2014 , posted by Kevin Reilly

Is it possible that because of the harsh winter the Sakura won't bloom this year at all?

iphone lost, April 14, 2014 , posted by Bonnie , bonnie930214@hotmail.com

Hi, I lost my iphone5 with blue case in high park yesterday. I want to know whether someone have found the cell phone. If you get the phone, can you connect me asap? Thank you. phone number:6473901991

high park hours - Good Friday, April 11, 2014 , posted by Kary , peixin_jiang@hotmail.com

I just want to ask if the park is openning on Good Friday (April 18th), and do you think the sakura tress will be able to blooming during that day?

Cherry Blossom Weekend, April 11, 2014 , posted by Margot Lewis , margotelewis@gmail.com

Could you kindly have the bathrooms open for the Cherry Blossom weekend this year? It is always on of your busiest days. Having the bathrooms locked is just cruel.

Baseball, April 10, 2014 , posted by Elisabeth , eli_hart@hotmail.com

Are there any baseball leagues that play in High Park? If so, where can I get information about joining?

Answering a few questions, April 9, 2014 , posted by Admin

1) Who donated the cherry trees? I don't know. Anyone?

2) Usage of stage: Contact the City of Toronto at parks@toronto.ca

3) Photography: Check info here: http://www.toronto.ca/parks/permits/events/weddings.htm

4) When are off peak hours? Weekdays (if the weekday isn't a holiday) and before 9am or after 7pm on weekends.

chery tree history, April 8, 2014 , posted by patricia , patricia62in@gmail.com

Other than the first cherry tree donated by Japan, who donated the next 34 tree. I had heard quite a few were donated by the local Ukrainians living in Parkdale area Do you know if this is true please?

Stage, April 8, 2014 , posted by Kurtis , kurtis.c@live.ca

Hi there,
I was wondering if the stage in high park its available for use. I am a professional dancer/choreographer and I would love this environment for a large dance show maybe lasting 45 minutes. Tickets may partially donate to the park if it does well.

April 8, 2014

When are off peak hours?

Photo shoot inquiry, April 8, 2014 , posted by Phoebe , Lo

Hello there,

My colleagues and I would like to have a styled photo shoot at High Park. I am inquiring more information regarding permits and possible limitations.

Our styled photo shoot will require some set-up, such as a table with sweets, and possible some light music.

Thank you,

April 7, 2014 , posted by Jawed Anwar , seerahmissionschool@gmail.com

Hi This is a private school We are planning to visit with our 10 students, 2 or 3 teachers and 2 or 3 parents on April 17, 2014. Does any cost involve?

re: cherry blooming update, April 7, 2014 , posted by Admin

Unlikely the trees will be blooming on the Easter weekend.

An update with pictures will be provided on the 18th of April.

April 7, 2014

hi, i'll be visiting toronto from the 18th -21st April, any idea if the trees would blossom by then?

When is the cherry bloosoms expected this year?, April 7, 2014 , posted by Brandon

Any forecasts?

LOST KEYS, April 6, 2014 , posted by tracy , tracywhatever@hotmail.com

hello was at high park playground November 6th ,had no luck finding them but with spring here I am trying to have a look again.it is a keychain with beads that say steve with a car and house key.if anyone finds them could they please call steve 416-617-4603 or tracy 416-893-4535.could be around playground or parking lot near there.thank-you kindly,tracy

Ice removal on Spring Road, April 3, 2014 , posted by Janet , info@mmcaccounting.com

I try to walk in High Park all winter, primarily along Spring Road and the trails. All winter, walkers like me have struggled with the dangerous ice on Spring Road. Why isn\\\'t this road plowed in the winter? The parking lots and roads are plowed really quickly. This year I actually saw one of the parking lots being plowed during a storm. Interestingly, backhoes were out on Spring Road this week removing ice and enthusiastically salting. I wonder if this coincides with Harry\\\'s Run this weekend.

I think it is unacceptable to remove ice for a special event and to ignore regular users of the park. I want the taxes I pay going towards regular winter maintenance on Spring Road and not towards building inaccessible staircases and closing walking trails by erecting ugly fences. The cost to build an inaccessible staircase and closing trails was close to $ 400,000 of our money. Don\\\'t we have more urgent issues to deal with in Toronto?

Its not here, is it?, April 3, 2014

Is it? Its too cold for it right now, right? I want to bring my boyfriend over who has never been. I would prefer not to miss it

re: Cherry trees a home, April 3, 2014 , posted by Kiwi

The Sakura is a type of cherry tree, Japanese cherry to be precise. All cherry trees bloom and they all look very nice so I'm pretty sure the tree in your back yard will be just as nice. One of the reasons people like the look at these trees at High Park is because there are many trees and the flowers look nice when there are tons altogether. But if I were you I'd set up a lawn chair in the yard and enjoy my own tree to avoid crowds and parking hassle :)

Cherry trees, April 3, 2014 , posted by sushmita , emanejo@yahoo.com

hi I live in Ottawa and we have a 1 cherry tree at my backyard. i was just wondering if sakura Cherry tree is same with regular cherry tree ? and would it be the same in time of blooming? my tree is also just sprouting at this moment.

re: event coordination, April 2, 2014 , posted by Admin

Hi Dina - this website is run by a regular Joe (me), not a High Park authority or organization and I have no clue who you need to contact about event coordination. Sorry. Try the City of Toronto, they operate the park.

Event coordination, April 1, 2014 , posted by Dina , andrinastan@yahoo.com

Hi guys! I have been waiting for an answer regarding whom I can contact for event coordination. Can you please let me know as soon as possible? Your fast response is highly appreciated.

re: cherry blossoms, April 1, 2014 , posted by Admin

Spring is just starting - sloooowly - and the Sakura buds are still very tiny, don't expect blooming anytime soon. It's hard to tell at this point but it may be May by the time full bloom occurs.

Posts about dogs, April 1, 2014 , posted by Admin

The forum is turning into a dog owners vs. non dog owners fighting arena. I'm as guilty as anyone for contributing to this but this website is not about dogs. Further comments about the dog park and dog owner behaviour will be filtered and only non derogatory comments will be posted that can be of use to the general public.

Cherry Blossom Trees, April 1, 2014 , posted by Deb

Is there any indication of when the Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom this year? I will be coming from out of town and I will not want to miss it?

Why is post on sight, March 30, 2014 , posted by Nicholas Leach

``Dogs on or off leash, March 25, 2014 , posted by JustBecause

Dog owners: you should understand finally that some people will hate you and your dog whether you have your dog on a leash or not. Regardless of the breed and behaviour of your dog people will simply hate you because they envy the love you have for your dog and the love your dog has for you.``

This is a post by a person with out to guts to sign is name in response to a person with a legitimate concern about unleashed dogs. It should be removed. My niece is scared of dogs and can not enjoy the park. I am O.K. with well behaved dogs and owners. To bad I could not enjoy the park today because it stinks of dog shit. This means thousands of dog owner did not clean up properly all winter long. It is a shame there are not more responsible dog owners. Dog off leash area`s are a complete waste of money. None of the rules are enforced at all when it comes to dogs and owners.

Nicholas Leach

Dogs off leash in on leash areas, March 25, 2014 , posted by Katharine , ktbgrace@yahoo.com

We purposefully avoid the off-leash area 3 times in the last month have encountered pet owners near the Grenadier pond area with dogs off leash.
As someone who has been attacked by a dog before, and still wants to use the park for my own exercise and relaxation this has been very stressful.
When I tell dog owners they are in an ON leash area- they yell and say that their dog is not vicious. This is not the point of off-on leash areas.
The point is not for the comfort of their dog, but for all people to be able to use the park. I wish you could inform more dog owners that use the park that other areas are ON leash and to please respect the rights of people in the park.
There needs to be more signs that say on leash in the areas far away from the dog park.

Dogs on or off leash, March 25, 2014 , posted by JustBecause

Dog owners: you should understand finally that some people will hate you and your dog whether you have your dog on a leash or not. Regardless of the breed and behaviour of your dog people will simply hate you because they envy the love you have for your dog and the love your dog has for you.

March 24, 2014

Please be advised that your website contains inaccurate information regarding off leash dogs in High Park. Dogs are only allowed off leash in the designated off-leash area. If dogs are found running loose outside the designated area, the owner is subject to a fine.

Event coordination, March 21, 2014 , posted by Dina Stan , andrinastan@yahoo.com

Good day to you! I was wondering whom should I contact to inquire about hosting an event in High Park this summer. Maybe an event and/or community manager contact? I'd appreciate your fast response.

ice rink, March 21, 2014


i'm coming from out of town next weekend and i was wondering if the ice rinks are still open/if they are going to be next weekend (march 29, 30)


re: Sakura, March 18, 2014 , posted by Admin

There is a ton of snow on the ground still and the weather forecast calls for a late spring so don't get too excited about the cherry blossoms yet....it probably won't be until late April or early May for the blooming. Starting mid April I will post more frequent updates about the expected blooming dates.

re little girl picking lilacs, March 18, 2014 , posted by Aaron , alaurinat@gmail.com

True we shouldn't pick...but it's nothing to get all undone about!

sick dog, March 17, 2014 , posted by Erin

Hi there,
My dog got really really sick after being in the park last week. I don't think she ate anything there, nor am I sure it was caused by anything in the park but I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced anything. Let me know

bird, March 15, 2014


Looks like there\'s a \'turkey\'-like bird walking on the grassy area (which is covered in snow!) of the park alongside Bloor Street. I\'m wondering if it\'s one of yours that managed to get out.

There was no phone number to call so I\'m writing here.

March 14, 2014

Sadly, they would need a huge yellow sign on everything in High Park. Last spring i saw a little girl picking lilacs off a tree in the garden area. Just before i was going to speak to her i saw her mother going over to her and of course i thought she would tell her little one that is illegal to pick flowers or lilac in the park, in any park. And its also illegal to climb trees in the park. But the mother started to help her little one pick a 'bouquet'. Great parenting eh? i was livid and too angry to be nice so i said nothing. People climb into and up on to anything they wish for that special photo op. I think I am going to be taking pics of the parks largest animal that goes wild on weekends. THE HUMAN!and their wee offspring that they cant control. Perhaps the fenced in dog area for them?

March 14, 2014

There is an old wives tale that Grenadier Pond was named after a troop of Grendaiers died in it as the bottom of the lake is quicksand. There is a very good reason, other than the pollution in the lake as to they dont allow swimming or skating on the pond, but be my quest, I am sure the old Grendadiers would love some new company :}

Cherry Trees, March 14, 2014 , posted by Mary

I know its early, but i sincerely hope there is \'traffic flow\' cops this year at the entrance off Bloor Street, to prevent the wild hordes of people over running the park on the Cherry Blossom weekends. I would also like to see \'fences\' around the cherry Trees to prevent fools from taking \'first communion pics\' of their babies with cherry blossoms falling on them. They climb the trees and/or shake them to make the blossoms fall and make a \'romantic carpet\' and god only knows what- for that special photo op - because they are what? stupid, misinformed, idiots?
I really would like to see some police or park volunteers there to prevent the total vandalism of that area - let alone all the double and triple parking. It\'s not fair to that poor old park to be so abused during May.

Cherry Blossom Trees, March 12, 2014

Is there any indication of when the cherry blossom trees will be in bloom? I am trying to plan a photo shoot and would love to have these beautiful blooms out for the pictures.

the Grenadier Cafe, March 11, 2014 , posted by Lilova , lilovasv@gmail.com

Hello, Have you ever received feedback about this café? I live near by and have been to the café so many times. And now I am giving up. It's frustrating me and leaving me so grumpy - I hate myself like this. I need to tell you: the food is utterly sub-par. Not even McDonald's food is this bad. The fries/potatoes taste bitter - that's rancid oil from overfrying. The burgers are tasteless. Everything that can be ordered is so cheap. And there isn't a single option for decent bread: rye - which is 95% white flour; whole wheat - 90% white four; and white bread. They are all full of gluten. Rye is naturally low in gluten. The only thing I can eat there is salad, but that comes to $10 easily. And it's mostly iceberg lettuce with a few green leaves among them. The staff bring me my order and ignore the grossness on the table - the only table free in the self-serve area. Com'on. It's the only place in the park and this is what we get? Let's step into the 21st Century. People go the park for healthy reasons. If you must keep the truck-shop feel, can't this place at least add a touch of quality food? Without being billed an arm and a leg? I really find it expensive, although comparable to other places; but not at this price. I can get meds-free burger done perfectly for $7 in several places in the city (none that far). Have you looked at the reviews of this café? It gets consistently poor reviews. Look at yelp for example, http://www.yelp.ca/biz/grenadier-cafe-toronto . I review places on three tourist / international sites and I would hate to give an honest review of this place. The only thing it has going for it is the setting, the patio, and the size. Please let me know if you are planning any changes to this café's food and if so, when.

children, March 10, 2014

Hi, and thank you for the volunteer time you offer to respond to people like me!

I recently read in the Star about a walk with Young Rangers in the park and would like to know if there's a distribution list or something I can subscribe to, to be informed about stuff like that. I have just joined friends of High Park, and if that's the answer to my question, no need to respond.

Again, thanks,


Lost Key, March 10, 2014 , maclawry@cervinlawry.org

On February 9 I attended a Bird Photography meetup which started at the Grenadier Restaurant and moved on to the parking lot near the zoo. On a short trail off of that lot I managed to loose the Keys to my Mazda 5. We repeatedly searched the area but did not find them. With the snow melting I am hoping they have or will be found and turned in. Is there a number I can call to find out?

MaryAnn Cervin-Lawry

High Park Amphitheatre, March 9, 2014 , posted by Cam Sloan , cam@sloan.ca


I am wondering if you have any information about using the amphitheatre. Rental costs or the process involved in getting a permit to organize a music event at the location.

Many thanks,

Cam Sloan

Lost Glasses, March 8, 2014 , posted by Don carter , donaldcarter1@gmail.com

Hi. I lost my glases earlier this week. @ march 3/4 in the fog park, I think on dog hill. They are blue horn rimmed Oliver Peoples glasses. Reward offered. My name is Don my phone is 416-435-8433. Myemail is donaldcarter1@ gmail.com. Thanks so much!:)

For @Darian, March 7, 2014 , posted by Admin

I agree that children or adults shouldn't be *bothered* by dogs outside the off leash area. But *well behaved* dogs don't bother anyone. Well behaved dogs seek play, a moment to socialize or simply ignore people and they come back to their owners on first recall. The question is who do we define "bother" and "well behaved".

Children shouldn't be conditioned to be afraid of well behaved dogs, in my opinion. Just as dogs shouldn't be conditioned to always be on a leash. I have an 8 year old Golden Retriever who always walks off leash with me and walks up to children all the time. Not once did we get a negative response from those children - only from parents.

Dog's off leash area, March 6, 2014 , posted by Darian

I was disappointed to read on your website you giving out a little hidden tip to people that if they have a well behaved dog they can "get away" with having it off leash in the parks numerous open spaces and trails. As a parent who likes to bring their small children (and just generally enjoy an uninterrupted picnic or game of frisbee in the park) I would rather that dog owners are not encouraged to to walk their off leash dogs anywhere but in the off-leash area. The off-leash area is quite large. Please leave some space for kids (and adults) to play without being bothered by a dog they don't know running up to them (as my kids have been).

Wedding pictures, February 26, 2014 , posted by Shirley , cshirl2012@gmail.com

To whom it may concern,

I will be getting married this year as of May 18, 2014. My fiancee and I would like to take wedding photos at high park. We heard that there isn't any permit needed to take pictures at High Park, is this true? In addition, is there anything we need to be aware of for taking wedding pictures at high park?

Thank you.

March Break, February 24, 2014 , posted by Vicky Dekker , Dekker@ eastlink.ca

Are you planning any activities in the park, for children, during March Break, March 10- 15? We are coming to Toronto at that time and would like to plan some activities with our grandchildren, age 7. Thank you for your help.

Famous Tree, February 22, 2014 , posted by Judith

The tree is now cut down. But, I remember one that was very distinctive because it had a very large horizontal branch and it was located just up the hill from Lakeshore Road.

Would you kindly post a photograph of it along with his history. Thank you.

Feedback, February 22, 2014 , posted by Dawn

This is just a little feedback. I\'ve been coming to high park with my dog for 6 years now. I usually average 3 visits a week. Before my dog maybe I would come once a year.

Anyway the new stairs are the dumbest water of money. You took accessible pathways and made them death traps. With ice and snow they are terrible. Nice to see where my tax dollars are going. Typical.

Job Openings, February 17, 2014 , posted by Kristina Bauman , kristina_bauman@hotmail.com

My names is Kristina Bauman and I was wondering if you would have any job openings. I am a graduate from St. Lawrence Colleges Vet Assistant Program. I really enjoyed this program and went to Australia for my placement because I thought it would be really cool to travel why I still can and explore new animals.

Music Event, February 16, 2014 , posted by Miles , Miles Caswell

How would one contact the city to propose a small-scale music festival in the park? Me as well as several others heavily active in the music scene in Toronto have had the idea of throwing an event in either Trinity Bellwoods or High Park. On a side note does anyone know if something like this has ever been done in High Park?

Thanks for your time,

Dead Squirrels, February 15, 2014

Hello, I was walking through the leash free dog paths today and my dog found 2 dead squirrels. They were fully in tact and had no outward signs of trauma. Do I have reason to be concerned about my dog\'s health or is this something that typically happens in the winter?

Lake, February 10, 2014 , posted by shiv , lord_shiv@yahoo.com

Is it safe to walk on the lake?

Green House, February 1, 2014 , posted by SJ , herzog.sarahjoy@gmail.com

Just wondering if the green house is open and what the hours are! Thanks!

Food donation for zoo animals, January 27, 2014 , posted by Claire-Lise , Claire.lise@me.com

My family and I on this past Saturday, took part in the annual Swiss fondue night. Well it seems as though we had ordered and cut way too much bread and I was wondering if we could donate it to the zoo animals? It's an extremely large bag - it's a leaf disposal bag that's about half full. Might only due for a meal or 2 for an animal, but we'd hate for it to just be thrown away. Is this something that we could bring by? Please feel free to contact me via email at claire.lise@me.com and we can arrange a drop off date and time.

CityTimeTV and High Park, January 13, 2014 , posted by Gary Napier , gary@citytime.tv


We are running a High Park video on our city video guide www.citytime.tv
Please see http://www.citytime.tv/video/412&category=50
We are seeking your permission to include this video on our Toronto channel, sign off of the narrative, thumbnail and link to your website.
We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,

Hole in Dog Park Fence, January 8, 2014 , posted by Jennifer , jenny.dermott@gmail.com

Hi there,
We were at the dog park this weekend with our two dogs, and one got out through a hole in the fence. I understand it's a massive area to fence in, but if people are taking their dogs there, and expecting it to be fully fenced, this is a problem. Luckily someone heard us calling our dog's name and grabbed her on one of the paths, otherwise she would have run for ages, as she is quite timid, and gets scared easily. She's a greyhound, so not small, and would definitely never try and squeeze through a small opening. My husband located a large break in the fence where she might have gotten through. It all happened so fast. We only turned our backs for a minute, and she was gone. She'll come back when called if she can hear us, but she was gone!

At the very least, signs should be posted stating that the park is not fully fenced until this can be remedied. We love going there, but can't risk it now.


re: walking on ice, January 5, 2014 , posted by Diana

I couldn't agree more. Walking on ice is very dangerous. You never know where the ice gets thin or where it's cracked already. If you or your child fall under the ice you can either not come out, die for hypothermia in minutes and risk other's lives who may try to save you. Go to a skating rink if you want to slide around on ice - walking on rivers and ponds is very dangerous. It's not at all like falling in the water in the summer when, if you know how to swim, you have lots of time to get help and get out/dry.

Trail fitness stations, January 4, 2014 , posted by Kalle , kallefornia1@gmail.com


Over years I've known about 'fitness stations' along the trails in High Park. For example, there's one spot that has some pull-up bars, and another which has a walking beam.

Is there some more information and/or a map of these 'fitness stations'?

I kind of remember there being a bunch and/or signage in the past, is this true?

Kalle Erikson

People on Grenadier Pond Ice, January 4, 2014 , posted by S.K. Taylor

I really get annoyed with people walking on the ice with their kids, even with all the "warning, thin ice" signs around. Do people not care about their children's safety? Also the ice fishermen. I don't care if adults fall through - they should know better, but they are setting a very bad example for kids. If anybody fell through the ice, they could get hypothermia instantly and freeze and would be unable to swim to safety. I see this ALL THE TIME in the winter when I am walking through High Park. Is there not a law against this? Are people not liable for a fine? If so, the yellow warning signs should state this and the amount of the fine - hopefully high enough to deter people. Thanks!

Re: cut back on the salt, December 19, 2013

I couldn't agree more! Why use so much salt? Especially in a park!!! Some major cities have switched to beet juice, which is just as effective as salt - High Park should also use a natural de-icer, not salt!

cut back salt on paths, December 17, 2013 , posted by Catherine Bush , catebush@gmail.com

I walk my dog in the park daily year-round and am concerned about the amount of salt spread on the pathways in High Park. Salt is extremely destructive for plants, trees and the surrounding habitat of the park. It is also terrible as run-off into the lake from which our drinking water comes. It's extremely painful for dogs when the pads of their feet contact wet and salted pathways. Today salt was practically in piles on the pathway in off Parkside. So many of us who use the park in winter are walking our dogs. We have to AVOID the paths to spare our dogs' feet. If you look you'll notice how many tracks there are beside the paths. Why not switch to sand? Failing that, can you at least use less salt. You're using way, way more than is necessary or good for the park or the rest of us.

Snowshoe-ing, December 16, 2013

Do you offer show shoe rentals and where would I find them?

Emu's and Wallabies, December 15, 2013 , posted by Chris Walker , christopher.walker90@gmail.com

To Whom it may Concern,

I'm Australian recently living in Toronto and had the pleasure of visiting the park today. Its a beautiful park and I am glad that there are places like this in the city where I can play in the snow.

I visited the park zoo today and saw the Wallabies and Emu's within the park. The emu's looked distressed and very agitated, I find this understandable as they are not in the natural habitat of the Australian bush. I know that they are provided with a shelter and I am curious as to what is inside it. I'm also curious as to the treatment of these animals as I felt a little bit heart broken seeing them stressed and cold in the snow. It's obviously not their home. My intent of writing to you is to simply find out more information about how they are looked after - not to protest or "write an angry letter" as such.

Although it is nice for me to see a bit of "home" in Toronto, it is also nice know how they are being looked after when they are not in their natural environment of the great Aussie bush.

Thanks for your time.

With Regards

Chris Walker

re: New Years Day, December 2, 2013

Yes, the park will be open on New Years Day. It's open every day.

Jan 1, November 28, 2013


Will the High Park be open on Jan 1 this year? If yes, what are the hours?

Lost my phone, November 24, 2013 , posted by Nick

I lost my samsung phone in the park on july 26. Would like to get some recent photos back. Thanks.

Management Unit, November 23, 2013 , posted by Fatima Ali , fatma.ali@mail.utoronto.ca


I am currently undergoing a group project at the University of Toronto Mississauga for an Ecological Restoration assignment where we were assigned unit 9A and 10A. We had visited the site few weeks ago but I have few questions remaining and would appreciate if you could inform us more about those units. Is management unit 9A and 10A of the park used as an educational site and if so, how frequently? Also what role does this particular Management Unit play in terms of preserving the natural heritage of Black Oak Savannah?

Thanking you so much,
Fatima Ali

5KM Fundraising Run , November 19, 2013 , posted by Erica R. , eriley1@georgebrown.ca


On behalf of my event team, I am wondering if it\'s at all possible to hold a fundraising 5KM run at the park? My team and I are students in the George Brown College Special Event Planning program and are looking to host a run in April 2014 to raise money for a charity, as well as the Special Event Planning program.

I would appreciate a response!

Thank you so much,
Erica R.

Room for two?, November 19, 2013 , patrishywish@hotmail.com

To whom it may concern,

My roommate and I have recently rescued two un neutered male rabbits (Lop ear and Rex) from deplorable conditions.
They were cooped up in a filthy cage, their nails were extremely outgrown, and they were under fed.
We have cleaned up the cage, clipped their nails, bathed, and fed them well.

Both are extremely friendly, despite their obvious lack of human interaction; they are a bit skittish, when attempting to pick them up.

The Rex is suffering from malocclusion, extremely outgrown bottom teeth which are protruding from his mouth.

We are looking to find a better, more suitable habitat for them both to live, where they have more room to hop around.
We are curious as to whether your farm would be interested in taking them in, or if you can refer us to anyone you know of.

With much gratitude,


Yogathon Event, November 18, 2013 , posted by Tara Verma , taraverma@gmail.com

Good afternoon,

I work with the Art of Living Foundation and I am looking to organize a Yogathon event in High Park. We anticipate 200 - 250 participants. Is there a booking process for events at High Park? Please let me know who I can speak to.

Best regards,


Amiptheatre, November 18, 2013 , posted by Andrew Miller , zephn@hotmail.com

1: I would like to speak with someone about the general idea of using the ampitheatre,
2: To discuss the possibly erecting a tent structure in that area for the duration of the performance.

There no information on the site that is easily located on such.
Andrew Miller

Question, November 6, 2013 , posted by Zehra , zehrasajjad@hotmail.com


I go to the Universtiy of Toronto Mississauga and I have a project in my Restoration Ecology class where we\'re assessing the restoration efforts at High Park. I had a quick question to ask. Is this park used as an educational site and if so, how frequntly ?
Also, what is being done to preserve the natural heritage of Black Oak Savannah?

lost keys in playground, November 6, 2013

hello i was at the amazing playground yesterday nov 5th,lost my keys,thank you to the people at the park for helping me look,its a car key and another key if found please call 416-617-4603,the keychain is white beads that say steve,thanjs again

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