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Badminton, April 25, 2015 , posted by alessandra , alessandra.imbrogno@hotmail.com

I had a question regarding the free style game of badminton, like where are the fields located to play, how long are we allowed to pay, will equipment be provided?

cherry blossoms, April 25, 2015

Does the Sakura tree bloom? or not yet?

High Park Fountains, April 25, 2015 , posted by Jessica

Hi all, does anyone know when the fountains in highpark will be filled with water and running?

re: kids in leash free area, April 24, 2015

Children are allowed in the dog park area. But it's the joint responsibility of dog owners and kids' parents to keep them safe. Dogs aren't allowed in the kids area.

Children, April 24, 2015

Are children allowed in the off leash dog park areas?

Camera found, April 23, 2015 , posted by KJ , ken@cosway.ca

Hi I found a silver Kodak camera in a case. the pictures look like they are from Christmas and New Year call me 905-990-4164

lost Sony xperia phone with baby pictures - priceless memories, April 18, 2015 , posted by raj , rajat_80@hotmail.com

Lost Sony xperia phone at high park toronto on Monday, Apr 14th 2015. The phone has all the pics and videos of our baby since birth to 8 months now. These memories are priceless. Please return the phone if you find it ... Or you can keep the phone as the reward but just give us our pics and videos.
Worried mom and dad.

lost prescription glasses, April 18, 2015 , posted by pedro , sketter@gmail.com

I lost a pair of Oakley prescription glasses in one of the offleash dog areas. Pls contact sketter@gmail.com

Smog problem, April 17, 2015 , posted by Mike

There are too many cars in High Park. It is full of people who speed along the 20 km/h roads. The roads cut through the entire park making spending time in the park quite unpleasant from all the dirty smoggy car exhaust. The park should be closed to cars, at least on the weekends.

Manure and Woodchips for Gardens, April 17, 2015 , posted by TS , new.april29.dn@hotmail.com

Where in the park can gardeners go to obtain composted manure? I imagine there would be tonnes of the stuff to give away because of the zoo.

Is there also a place where gardeners can pick up free woodchips?

Is there someone to call about this inquiry?

Dogs and the stormwater pond, April 15, 2015 , posted by Danni

Hey there-- I wanted to clarify something about the offleash trails where I bring my dog. I'm very careful to obey the signs to keep him out of protected areas (he desperately wants to get to that creek especially, but he knows he's not allowed :) ) I'm unclear on the stormwater pond at the point where the two long trails meet at the north end-- the signage seems to be safety-based (thin ice, keep clear, I think) but there's nothing specific about dogs or local flora&fauna. Because the bank is along an offleash trail, some dogs really like to go for a little swim-- is this permitted? I know that it's not allowed with the protected creek area or any of the ponds that are in leash-only areas, but it doesn't seem like it's the same kind of problem on that south side of the stormwater pond-- it's not behind fencing or anything.

I would love to be able to let my dog wade in there (he managed to sneak in and get very happily soaking once), very supervised of course, but I wanted to make sure that it's not restricted or dangerous for the local flora and fauna.

April 13, 2015

Please note that for City of Toronto inquiries, the number to call is 311, not 411. You can call 311 any time of the day.

Cooking in the park, April 5, 2015

Charcoal BBQ s are not allowed, what about gas or electric cooking devices?

Storage lockers, April 2, 2015 , posted by Giovanni , glogiu01@guelphhumber.ca

Can anyone help answer this question for me?
I live in the area of highpark and frequently go for runs on the various trails and play soccer on the fields on weekends.
Does the park have any public storage lockers that exist and I just have not noticed them? Like the good old quarter coin mechanism ones at the pool you turn and get an orange key you can pin to yourself with the safety pin it comes with?
I am always in need of storing a sweater or a bottle of water etc. for after my run through the park and really hate having to carry anything around with me or wear a pouch.
I would think this sort or thing could be a great source of revenue for the parks and recreation of the city and can surely help pay for other stuff too.
Anyone know If it exists on not? If not why?
And who can I request that a consideration be made to have some installed?

This is not a city run site!, March 31, 2015 , posted by NFS

Hi everyone,
this is a wonderful site with great info on the park and a good forum to connect with others. I did want to mention that this is not a city run site so if you have questions, concerns or need assistance please call 411 and speak with someone from the City of Toronto.

Sakura, March 31, 2015 , posted by May 2015

CTV news reported that cherry blooming isn't expected until mid-May. Just so you all know.

Summer Camp Activities, March 30, 2015 , posted by Maria , stnd@yorkchild.ca


We are interested in having our summer camp children visit Jamie Bellís Adventure Park. I was wondering if we needed to book in advance and if you have an insurance certificate that you could send me. I was also wondering if we need a permit for the bus to park or for us to be there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Sakura in 2015, March 30, 2015

With this year's cruel winter, the Sakura trees won't bloom anytime soon, I would say it'll be May by the time we see them bloom.

March 28, 2015 , posted by Diego Pawlun , d.pawlun@yahoo.ca

Hello, I have a question regarding grendadier pond, Is there any canoeing on the pond or in a special designated area?

Lost camera, March 28, 2015 , posted by Nick

My wife lost her purple compact Canon camera on the 26th of March. If anybody finds it, please contact me on +1 289 339 0783. A reward is available! Thanks.

Cherry, March 26, 2015 , wang.sheng.1339@gmail.com

Could you tell me When is the cherry ready for tourist?

March 26, 2015

Does anyone know when the cherry blossoms bloom?

washrooms, March 24, 2015 , posted by Trixxi , 47giggles@gmail.com

just wondering if any of the many washrooms are also accessible for people in wheelchairs??? or it there are some specially designated. Id appreciate that info pls & ty

Sakura Tree, March 23, 2015 , posted by Yamashita

Any update on when the Cherry Blossoms start?

An event question, March 15, 2015 , posted by Joseph Roth , Josephvroth@gmail.com


Is it possible for citizens to book live music events at the High Park Amphitheatre? The possible acts would be based in the toronto music scene.

Thank you for your time,
Joseph Roth

Theft, March 11, 2015 , posted by Lori johnstone , zegoich@hotmail.com

Hi there,

While at high park around 5pm on March 11th, my car was broken into and my purse stolen from the trunk. I informed police but I wanted to let you know about it in case the purse shows up somewhere in the park or garbage. There is some important work related belongings that likely will have been ditched with the purse. The purse is medium sized and brown. I am hoping to find the white swipe card that was inside. The incident occurred across from the Grenadier restaurant.

Thank you,

Lori 4169196382

Dead squirrels along dog trail, March 8, 2015

Last saturday feb 28 2015, while walking my dog in the off leash area, i noticed a dead squirrel lodged up in a tree. I thought this was strange but kept walking further along the trail and down to the road area. There was another dead squirrel again in a tree as well as one on the ground. All 3 were in the forest area, not along the actual dog paths. I was concerned that there may have been poison put out. Does anyone know about this?

Lost car keys!!, March 3, 2015 , posted by Sarah J , Sarahtjimenez@rogers.com

I lost my car keys in the off leash dog area tonight. I walked everywhere and spent 2 hours trying to retrace my steps- no luck. It was my only set of keys. Black keys to a honda, with an emblem of a saint on an attached key chain.
Please let me know if you or anyone you know finds it!
Much appreciated,

re: photography permit, March 2, 2015 , posted by wendy , wendy@asianfusionweddings.com

Does anyone know if there are photography permits available during cherry blossom season at High Park or is there any photography restrictions?

Grenadier restaurant open?, March 1, 2015 , posted by Andrew

Hi all, drove over to the Grenadier last weekend and it was closed for construction/reno. Does anyone know if it's open today?

cherry blossoms, February 21, 2015 , ljc2570@rogers.com

HiWhen can I expect them to blossom?

camera bag found, February 13, 2015

Hi there,

I was running the high park trail on Sun Feb 8, 2015 8:30 to 11am... found a camera bag. If it's your's just email me run4au@yahoo.ca

I ran in circles asked everyone I saw and could not locate the owner.

Cooperative Education, February 3, 2015 , posted by Sujithan Navakumar , sujithan13@hotmail.com

My name is Sujithan, I am a student from WA Porter high school. I was wondering if not far from the tree is accepting 3 cooperative education students. My 2 friends and I found high park to be the best place to do our cooperative education for environmental SHSM. Hopefully, you get back to use soon. The work that we do must be associated with the environment

Renting Events Room, February 3, 2015 , posted by Clancy Tredway , clancytredway@rogers.com

Hi there,

I am planning a baby shower for my sister and wonder if you still rent out the apace in that old cool barn building? If so, Would love to talkto someone to get some information.
I am hoping to have it in March, in the morning/early afternoon. And it would be about 50 people. Thanks so much!!


January 30, 2015

Are there snowshoeing or cross country skiing trails in the park? And if so what are the conditions like?
Thank you!

High Park Forest School, January 29, 2015 , posted by Dianne

I attended High Park Forest School every May through September from 1950 through 1954. The school was for children from poor families. Our classrooms had no walls or ceilings, just a blackboard, floor, desks and chairs, and on rainy days, we spent it indoors in the school building. After lunch, we unrolled our blankets and slept under the trees for two hours. Saturday mornings, we went by bus to Sunnyside pavilion and in the fall, we hiked through the park. It was wonderful to be surrounded by nature and the love of nature was instilled in me and lasts to this day. I remember the sandiness of the banks of Grenadier Pond and, sadly, when I returned a few years ago, nearly everything was so neat and manicured. Close to nothing left of the park's natural state that John Howard stipulated as a condition in leaving it to the city.

Skating, January 29, 2015

Does anyone have advice regarding a location that is safe and convenient for accessing Grenadier Pond to skate?

Student work, January 27, 2015 , Latetale@hotmail.com

We are shooting simple immobile frames of trees, plants and landscape for school work. Do we need a permit? Will we be able to shoot this weekend? Thank you.

re: skating, January 26, 2015

if you had a pond on your property and saw people skating on it wouldn't it cross your mind "what if one of them fell and drowned / froze to death - who would the police want to talk about it?" - I wouldn't let anyone skate on "my pond" and the city is right to not let anyone skating on a pond that they maintain

Skating on pond, January 25, 2015 , posted by Jennifer

So sad that our wonderful family day skating on grenadier pond was cut short by police.

Our family has been skating on high park since 1932 and we and many others were out this weekend of beautiful weather and perfect skating conditions.

For the first time in the 48 years I have been skating on grenadier pond, the police showed up on Saturday, surrounded the pond and kicked everyone off. Yet another example of city regulation gone crazy with worry about liability, limiting the enjoyment and happiness of the many.

white powder in dog area, January 23, 2015

Did the police ever identify the white powder that was set out in many little piles in the dog off leash area today? Was it runners marking a route with flour or something else?

coyote, January 22, 2015

Hello friends of high park, quick note to mention I saw a coyote this morning while walking the small trail just east of grenadier pond at the south end of the park. It was down in the valley and we (my pup and I) were higher up on the trail. When it saw us it ran away (normal and appropriate coyote behaviour). The time was about 7:45 am.

Salt, January 2, 2015 , posted by Patrick , ironeagle25@yahoo.com

Took our dogs down at highpark today had to cut our walk really short today for the amount of salt that was around ypu guys should really consider putting sand instead of salt as highpark is suppose to be dog friendly but needless to say with the salt it makes things very difficult which I'm sure I'm not alone on this comment

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