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Summer Camp Activities, March 30, 2015 , posted by Maria , stnd@yorkchild.ca


We are interested in having our summer camp children visit Jamie Bell’s Adventure Park. I was wondering if we needed to book in advance and if you have an insurance certificate that you could send me. I was also wondering if we need a permit for the bus to park or for us to be there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Sakura in 2015, March 30, 2015

With this year's cruel winter, the Sakura trees won't bloom anytime soon, I would say it'll be May by the time we see them bloom.

March 28, 2015 , posted by Diego Pawlun , d.pawlun@yahoo.ca

Hello, I have a question regarding grendadier pond, Is there any canoeing on the pond or in a special designated area?

Lost camera, March 28, 2015 , posted by Nick

My wife lost her purple compact Canon camera on the 26th of March. If anybody finds it, please contact me on +1 289 339 0783. A reward is available! Thanks.

Cherry, March 26, 2015 , wang.sheng.1339@gmail.com

Could you tell me When is the cherry ready for tourist?

March 26, 2015

Does anyone know when the cherry blossoms bloom?

washrooms, March 24, 2015 , posted by Trixxi , 47giggles@gmail.com

just wondering if any of the many washrooms are also accessible for people in wheelchairs??? or it there are some specially designated. Id appreciate that info pls & ty

Sakura Tree, March 23, 2015 , posted by Yamashita

Any update on when the Cherry Blossoms start?

An event question, March 15, 2015 , posted by Joseph Roth , Josephvroth@gmail.com


Is it possible for citizens to book live music events at the High Park Amphitheatre? The possible acts would be based in the toronto music scene.

Thank you for your time,
Joseph Roth

Theft, March 11, 2015 , posted by Lori johnstone , zegoich@hotmail.com

Hi there,

While at high park around 5pm on March 11th, my car was broken into and my purse stolen from the trunk. I informed police but I wanted to let you know about it in case the purse shows up somewhere in the park or garbage. There is some important work related belongings that likely will have been ditched with the purse. The purse is medium sized and brown. I am hoping to find the white swipe card that was inside. The incident occurred across from the Grenadier restaurant.

Thank you,

Lori 4169196382

Dead squirrels along dog trail, March 8, 2015

Last saturday feb 28 2015, while walking my dog in the off leash area, i noticed a dead squirrel lodged up in a tree. I thought this was strange but kept walking further along the trail and down to the road area. There was another dead squirrel again in a tree as well as one on the ground. All 3 were in the forest area, not along the actual dog paths. I was concerned that there may have been poison put out. Does anyone know about this?

Lost car keys!!, March 3, 2015 , posted by Sarah J , Sarahtjimenez@rogers.com

I lost my car keys in the off leash dog area tonight. I walked everywhere and spent 2 hours trying to retrace my steps- no luck. It was my only set of keys. Black keys to a honda, with an emblem of a saint on an attached key chain.
Please let me know if you or anyone you know finds it!
Much appreciated,

re: photography permit, March 2, 2015 , posted by wendy , wendy@asianfusionweddings.com

Does anyone know if there are photography permits available during cherry blossom season at High Park or is there any photography restrictions?

Grenadier restaurant open?, March 1, 2015 , posted by Andrew

Hi all, drove over to the Grenadier last weekend and it was closed for construction/reno. Does anyone know if it's open today?

cherry blossoms, February 21, 2015 , ljc2570@rogers.com

HiWhen can I expect them to blossom?

camera bag found, February 13, 2015

Hi there,

I was running the high park trail on Sun Feb 8, 2015 8:30 to 11am... found a camera bag. If it's your's just email me run4au@yahoo.ca

I ran in circles asked everyone I saw and could not locate the owner.

Cooperative Education, February 3, 2015 , posted by Sujithan Navakumar , sujithan13@hotmail.com

My name is Sujithan, I am a student from WA Porter high school. I was wondering if not far from the tree is accepting 3 cooperative education students. My 2 friends and I found high park to be the best place to do our cooperative education for environmental SHSM. Hopefully, you get back to use soon. The work that we do must be associated with the environment

Renting Events Room, February 3, 2015 , posted by Clancy Tredway , clancytredway@rogers.com

Hi there,

I am planning a baby shower for my sister and wonder if you still rent out the apace in that old cool barn building? If so, Would love to talkto someone to get some information.
I am hoping to have it in March, in the morning/early afternoon. And it would be about 50 people. Thanks so much!!


January 30, 2015

Are there snowshoeing or cross country skiing trails in the park? And if so what are the conditions like?
Thank you!

High Park Forest School, January 29, 2015 , posted by Dianne

I attended High Park Forest School every May through September from 1950 through 1954. The school was for children from poor families. Our classrooms had no walls or ceilings, just a blackboard, floor, desks and chairs, and on rainy days, we spent it indoors in the school building. After lunch, we unrolled our blankets and slept under the trees for two hours. Saturday mornings, we went by bus to Sunnyside pavilion and in the fall, we hiked through the park. It was wonderful to be surrounded by nature and the love of nature was instilled in me and lasts to this day. I remember the sandiness of the banks of Grenadier Pond and, sadly, when I returned a few years ago, nearly everything was so neat and manicured. Close to nothing left of the park's natural state that John Howard stipulated as a condition in leaving it to the city.

Skating, January 29, 2015

Does anyone have advice regarding a location that is safe and convenient for accessing Grenadier Pond to skate?

Student work, January 27, 2015 , Latetale@hotmail.com

We are shooting simple immobile frames of trees, plants and landscape for school work. Do we need a permit? Will we be able to shoot this weekend? Thank you.

re: skating, January 26, 2015

if you had a pond on your property and saw people skating on it wouldn't it cross your mind "what if one of them fell and drowned / froze to death - who would the police want to talk about it?" - I wouldn't let anyone skate on "my pond" and the city is right to not let anyone skating on a pond that they maintain

Skating on pond, January 25, 2015 , posted by Jennifer

So sad that our wonderful family day skating on grenadier pond was cut short by police.

Our family has been skating on high park since 1932 and we and many others were out this weekend of beautiful weather and perfect skating conditions.

For the first time in the 48 years I have been skating on grenadier pond, the police showed up on Saturday, surrounded the pond and kicked everyone off. Yet another example of city regulation gone crazy with worry about liability, limiting the enjoyment and happiness of the many.

white powder in dog area, January 23, 2015

Did the police ever identify the white powder that was set out in many little piles in the dog off leash area today? Was it runners marking a route with flour or something else?

coyote, January 22, 2015

Hello friends of high park, quick note to mention I saw a coyote this morning while walking the small trail just east of grenadier pond at the south end of the park. It was down in the valley and we (my pup and I) were higher up on the trail. When it saw us it ran away (normal and appropriate coyote behaviour). The time was about 7:45 am.

Salt, January 2, 2015 , posted by Patrick , ironeagle25@yahoo.com

Took our dogs down at highpark today had to cut our walk really short today for the amount of salt that was around ypu guys should really consider putting sand instead of salt as highpark is suppose to be dog friendly but needless to say with the salt it makes things very difficult which I'm sure I'm not alone on this comment

Dogs off leash, December 31, 2014 , posted by MC

I am a frequent user of the park and like many others, enjoy seeing the birds in the wooded areas. I and many others have had unpleasant experiences with dogs tearing through the park, in specified 'on leash' areas, scaring the birds, and trampling the vegetation. As the previous comment suggested, there should be more signage indicating which areas of the park are for dogs on leash. When we point this out to dog owners, they often respond that they weren't aware they were in an on leash area. I would hope that this website would not suggest that dog owners can ignore the regulations and signs. Thank you.

Dogs off leash, December 14, 2014

I am a local resident who walks regularly in the park. There are no signs around Wendigo Way and Grenadier Pond stating that dogs must be leashed. While the Off Leash Area is well marked and signed, elsewhere in the park is not. Many people abuse the right to park use with their dogs and do not understand the regulations regarding leashing dogs. Please consider adding more signs prohibiting off leash dogs in the park (other than in the approved area) and as well add more enforcement officers to ensure park regulations are followed. Thank you!

Lost Bike Lock, December 7, 2014 , posted by Ken , kmitsumizo@yahoo.com

My daughter lost her cable bike lock at Jamie Bell playground on Friday 5th December. Please contact me if you've come across it. Thanks.

Health and Safety issue, December 4, 2014 , posted by Laura , lauraskerrett@hotmail.com

On spring road, just before you can turn up and around to keep walking on the dog trail, there used to be some kind of a pond, which is now filled in with some very smelly, sticky and black substance (which I imagine is some kind of sewage). This is not fenced and any dog can jump on it. A child can feel in it. I found this quite dangerous as once my dog jumped on it (it's in the off leash area), he brought home (to children and adults) an hazardous substance. It will be much safer it this place is fenced at least on the off leash side of the park. Thank you

Interested in knowing information for school project, December 2, 2014 , posted by Katina sutherland , Kateryna.sutherland@gmail.com

Hi my name is Katina sutherland. I got to blessed Trinity highschool,m in grade 12. I'm doing a business project where we must plan an event. For this even we are required to find location for that event and all the cost. I was just wondering if you could send me information on how much it would cost to rent the park for couple of days. And any other information that is required. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you

running in high park, November 28, 2014

I have recently moved into the high park area and am typically a morning runner. I was just wondering if any runners had opinions on running in high park in the dark (safety, visibility etc)

Found pendant Nov. 20, November 23, 2014 , posted by Don , doncurmudgeon@gmail.com

On November 20 we found a necklace (pendant) at the park.
If you can describe it, you can have it.
Email doncurmudgeon@gmail.com

Tree planting, November 17, 2014 , posted by Stephen Reiff , sreiff@sympatico.ca

Is it possible to donate and plant a tree overlooking the pond in a the memory of someone who has passed away?

Web page ads, November 1, 2014

Liberal endorsement ads aren't right.

Lost Memory Card, October 30, 2014 , posted by Dimas , djterron@gmail.com

On Friday, October 24th, 2014 I lost my camera's memory card while walking through the park. I would be very grateful if you find it if you could contact me to return it. Thanks.

Duck missing from Grenadier Pond, October 30, 2014

A dark brown, green-headed duck, a hybrid mallard, with a limp, which has lived in the Grenadier Pond for many years, is missing since mid-July.

Has anybody witnessed any situation relating to somebody capturing this duck or involving injury to this bird?

Please, let us know.
Concerned friends of this duck.

re: family pics, October 30, 2014

Family pics are OK without a permit - just be sure not to destroy vegetation as you take the pics; don't step on flowers, etc.

Take family pictures, October 29, 2014 , posted by Katya

Me and my family would like to take family pictures in high park, do we need some sort of permit or we can just do it?

re: ANIMALS IN DISTRESS, October 28, 2014 , posted by Admin

Please do not post on a discussion board if you see an animal in distress! This is not an emergency response forum. If you see an animal related emergency or concern call either 911 or Toronto Animal Services (416) 338-7297 (PAWS)

Animal trapped, October 27, 2014 , posted by Bonnie

Monday 6:30 pm
There's an animal trapped in a garbage bin near the High Park Blvd entrance near washrooms and gazebo. Bin is locked and cannot be tipped by passersby.

Ring Found, October 26, 2014


Ladies ring found on the zoo road.


HERON AND FISHING LINE, October 25, 2014 , posted by Christine

Hi there, there is a heron with a fishing line stuck to it. It is really struggling with it. We watched helplessly as we didn't know what to do and who to call. Please would you advise us what the course of action is and who to talk to. Thank you. Christine & friends ph647-345-3867 cchan.global@gmail.com

Spelling !!, October 23, 2014

Llamas has two ls. The plural of bison is still bison. Same for buffalo !

Newborn, October 23, 2014


Is there any expecting animals or newborn at the zoo ?

re: wedding ceremony, October 22, 2014

Weddings are not permitted at High Park :-(

Weddings at High Park, October 21, 2014 , posted by Tina , tinahessami@gmail.com

I'm looking to book a wedding ceremony in High Park for summer 2015. Who can I speak to , to get more information?
Thank you

LOST WALLET, October 21, 2014 , posted by Jacques Ramphal , jacquesramphal@gmail.com


Owner: Jacques Ramphal
Contact: 6478822197
Colour: Black
Brand: Scotch & Soda
Where: In dog park parking lot or in dog off leash area.
When: 9am Oct 21, 2014

Thanks in advance

wood chips, October 16, 2014 , posted by joe , joebruno@hotmail.com


I was recently at the children's play castle area and loved what has happened there. It's a fantastic build and was especially impressed by the use of wood chips as a ground cover. Is there someone that can tell me the company that they were purchased from? I have a large, dirt-covered backyard that is slowly becoming a playpen for my 3 year old and would like put down a bed of those chips.

Thanks for any leads you can provide,

Joe Bruno

Leaves, October 15, 2014 , posted by Ed Green

Just drove by the park this morning - the leaves look very nice. But i'm not an expert or a photographer:-( They look nice to me!

October 14, 2014 , posted by teresa , slattery_teresa@yahoo.ca

Have the leaves changed colour all over the park. Is it a good time to see them now.

Fall Colors, October 11, 2014

Does anyone know what the color status of the leaves are? Are they orange/redish yet?? I'm dying to capture the fall foliage!

Rabies vaccination, October 10, 2014 , posted by Ange , angelacunning@rocketmail.com

I have always brought my dog to high park. I love it. We recently got a new puppy who is too young to have a rabies vaccination (according to my vet) but has a licence and has all his puppy shots up to date. The last puppy shot is due on October 31, 2014. Because of not being allowed to give him his rabies shot yet, does this mean we can not go to the park? I am socializing him early as my last dog was a bit of a bully because when he was smaller he was attacked by a big dog and never forgot it.
This is a serious question because i wouldn't want to upset anyone or ruin anyone's walk.

High Park Bathrooms(Grenedier Pond), October 8, 2014 , posted by Terry , streetcarcalleddesire@yahoo.ca

Why did the washrooms fail to open all year?????I contacted Mrs Doucette Councilor and got no where with that office!!!!!!!

October 5, 2014

Are the leaves nicely coloured yet for a photoshoot??

Filming, October 1, 2014 , posted by Jake , crazzy.greene@hotmail.com

Are you allowed to film a scene for something in high park if its a small crew and it wouldn't disrupt the regular park goers?

Bats to hawks, October 1, 2014 , posted by Roger Wright

Now that bat-watching season is dying down,anyone know of any activity on Hawk Hill as of yet this year?

Construction, September 30, 2014 , posted by Marla

How long will the southbound bike lanes be closed for construction? Just want to know how long I'll have to ride through rush hour traffic on the way to work...

waterfall bridge, September 29, 2014

Hi can someone tell me where specifically in High Park the bridge that runs over the small waterfall is?

Maple Leaves Trip, September 28, 2014 , posted by AllotmentGardener

Hi Tessy,
High park is a public park maintained by the City of Toronto. If all you want to do is walk around and enjoy the leaves, there is no cost and no need to reserve. Just walk in via the gates along parkside drive, or bloor street, and you will have no trouble finding forest paths to enjoy the leaves from. Bring shoes that are appropriate for dirt paths if you want to venture into the woods, or any other shoes if you want to stay on the road/sidewalk through the park. As for dates, there are some few leaves turning now, but it is hard to predict. You can monitor this website, or similar ones http://www.400eleven.com/colour-progressing-report.html. If you can play it by ear, then you can wait until you get to Toronto to decide, otherwise, perhaps the earlier date?
Have fun!

fall colors , September 25, 2014 , posted by sam , storesonwheels@gmail.com

Hi there, although only a few trees have started turning colors, this promises to be a spectacular fall. The forecast is for cool weather starting next week so by Thanksgiving, the fall colors should be awe inspiring! See you at the park and remember, the best way to see the entire park is on the High Park Trackless train!

Maple Leaves Trip, September 25, 2014 , posted by Tessy , tessyzhang0614@gmail.com

Hi There,
I am planing a trip to your park to view maple leaves. we will have around 50-60 people. When will be the best time to go, Oct 11 or Oct 18? Do we need to reserve before we go? And what will be the fee to get in the park?
Thanks for answering.

Nathalie, September 23, 2014 , posted by Nathalie Andrade , nathalieandradee@hotmail.com

Hi, I would like to know if the trees are red yet.
Thank you!!

High Park Trains, September 21, 2014 , posted by sam , storesonwheels@gmail.com

Hello all! My name is Sam and I manage the Trackless Trains in High Park. We have been asked for a 'ride all day' option for our trains a number of times since there is a lot to see and many people want to visit several stops along our route. Currently we allow one stop over with the purchased fare. Our plan is to offer a ride all day ticket in the 2015 season. Our plan is to charge $8 for adults and $6 for children and seniors. Your comments would be greatly appreciated!
Please visit our web site at www.highparktrains.com, follow us on twitter @highparktrains or call us at 416-721-2012.

dogs , September 19, 2014

Is Spring Road a designated "off leash" path for dogs?

about luggage, September 18, 2014 , posted by Kaori

Hello.I will ask a question.
Do you have a place where I can leave my luggage?

Terry fox run, September 13, 2014 , posted by Dave , cooperwd@gmail.com

Is the park closed to cars on Sunday?

Red "fit-bit" lost in High Park today (Sept 10), September 10, 2014 , posted by Lesley Johannsson , lesley.johannsson@hotmail.com

I think it had a black clip on it at the time it was lost. Can show it's mine by remotely vibrating it. Thank-you so much, in advance, for finding it. I miss it already :(

keys found, September 1, 2014 , posted by Maria

Hi, on August 31 i found a keychain with bunch of keys on it. There is also Goodlife fitness pass attached to it. If you lost your keys please email me at mzz@list.ru

Dancing at High Park, August 27, 2014 , posted by Matt , mattmeets@gmail.com

am i able to bring a portable player with a speaker, to play music for a few hours for fellow dancers, or will it be disturbing to those visiting ?

I want to make it a fun event, and would love to use this park to do this activity to host, practice and enjoy nature.

August 25, 2014

Come on! Where are people supposed to park? Can they not walk a short distance? Why is the world coming to and end if parking is not available / permitted immediately next to your picnic site...

Washrooms, August 25, 2014

I agree with previous posts about the appalling conditions inside washrooms are the park. I often bring a portable potty for my daughter when we visit the park since she's not old enough to "hold it" for long periods and I don't want to her to "experience" the washroom by the playground. What a shame.

Disappointed with city of toronto, August 21, 2014 , posted by Vinotha , Luckygirl2003ca@gmail.com

I book my doughter's 7th birthday party on August 24 ,one month ago and paid $80.00 plus tax.two days ago city officer. Call me and saying that day we can not park our car in side.we already issues 50 invitations ,where they go into park?our doughter's and family and friends all disappointed with the citi of toronto.$80.00 nun refundable wow, city stole the money like that,well done city of toronto.my lot is 24.

Summer School, August 21, 2014 , posted by Carlo , carlotucci@comcast.net

In the early sixties I attended a summer school program that utilized the a building on the north side of the park that is currently closed. The program was run by the Toronto School Board. I was wondering if I could obtain any information about this program and the findings of the study.

A love of the park, despite bathrooms and no water, August 20, 2014 , posted by Dr. K.

I run in the park just about every morning all year round. This summer I am training for an ultra run - and last weekend ran 35k on Sunday including about 3 loops around the park perimeter. This afforded an opportunity for a pretty thorough scan - since I didn't carry water figuring on taking advantage of the amenities - which I almost never use ordinarily. What I discovered was either closed or disgusting bathrooms and about 3/4 of the water fountains not working. One of the few working bathrooms at the northeast end seems to be only for the ttc drivers - one of whom (whose salary I help pay and whose washroom I also help pay for) told me I couldn't go in for a drink of water. Absurd. A teenager with a day and some paint could tidy up the roughest edges of a washroom and a couple of them with shovels (+ a bit of supervision), and some pex piping would sort out one fountain/weekend. The park is an amazing resource, as are the gardens, but this situation I can't understand. If I worked at the park, I would find such a situation personally embarrassing and do everything I could to fix it.

re: washrooms beside the playground, August 14, 2014 , posted by Admin

Agreed. The washrooms beside the playground are in such a bad condition I'd rather just get my toddler to squat on the grass. Appalling. Even I have a hard time and I only ever had to go there for #1 and I'm a man so I don't have to touch anything.

You can find contact info for the city at the bottom of the FAQ page to file a complaint.

washrooms beside park, August 13, 2014 , posted by linda , lindadelany22@gmail.com

I have a question about the terrible unhygienic conditions of the washrooms located at top of hill beside the castle park. Why after all these years are these washrooms STILL in this condition. These are the only washrooms beside the park yet the old and smelly and gross and probably dangerous. Ive been coming to high park for over 20 years and the condition of this washroom has always been this way. Why has NOTHING ever been done about it?? I took my preschool day care class there just last week and was horrified to take them in there.

re: dogs off leash, August 11, 2014 , posted by Admin

Just wanted to clarify that the comment about well behaved dogs "probably OK off leash" is not from a city employee as I don't work for the city. All I'm saying is that I have well behaved dogs that don't cause trouble and even the meanest opponents of dogs don't mind them being off leash and I've had good experiences with them roaming around off leash. I make sure to pick up after them and that they don't bother anyone. I don't agree with every dog being forced to be on leash as a result of a few irresponsible dog owners. If your dog won't listen to you then keep him on a leash, simple as that.

Dogs In Park, August 9, 2014

Pets need to be on a leash at all times because THE CITY OF TORONTO BY-LAW STATES THAT DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE AT LARGE IN THE CITY which is posted throughout the park. The website remark from a High Park employee stating that park rangers will not bother you if your pet is off the leash is not appropriate. This is sending the message that your dog may roam free. If everyone respects the rules of the park then everyone can enjoy it.

re: wedding ceremony / photos, August 6, 2014 , posted by Admin

Wedding photography and ceremonies are not allowed in High Park.

wedding ceremony at water front, August 6, 2014 , posted by Victoria , saccana@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Victoria.
We are planning a wedding for September 13th, 2014. I am wondering if it's possible to have our wedding ceremony in High Park water front area? We also would like to stay in the park for extra couple of hours for some formal photography.
If it is possible for us to have our ceremony at your beautiful location, please let me know what steps I need to take to make it happen, how much it will cost, how many people we can invite, do you allow any props, and what will be our parking options?

Thank you for attending to my email, I am looking forward to your reply.

Have a wonderful day!

lost keys on Sunday August 3rd, August 5, 2014 , novake@hotmail.com

I was sitting on the bench down by the pond where everyone fishes. Kids and I were waiting for the tram. When it came, we ran over to the tram but left keys on the bench. If found, please email me at novake@hotmail.com. Thank you

Giant Hogweed, August 5, 2014 , posted by Chris , cnightmarr@hotmail.com

Hello, I don't know who to report this to but I go to high park often and I am positive that you have a few giant hogweed growing on a trail up above the zoo. We have been through there a few times and they have become very large. I thought they were cow parsnip however a friend of mine who is works for forestry said that is what it was, so I am guessing she is likely correct. Perhaps you want to look at it and unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it. If you need any information as to it's location I can be reached at 6472386868. I will try to describe where it is.. When walking toward the zoo from the roads that meet by the duck pond and kids area there are a set of stairs which go to the right which basically seems to go up over the back of the zoo, it takes you behind the maintenance buildings where there are paths (some buildings are spray painted if that helps you to locate). The weeds are just at the side of the buildings and are not hard to miss. I am not sure if you are aware they are there, but as you may know they are toxic and can even cause blindness. Kind thanks for looking into this, Rae

dogs, August 4, 2014 , posted by ashley , ashleylynncaissie@gmail.com

while on this website i was shocked to find that there was advice to keep your dog off leash in picnic areas of high park. the writer of the site states "Also, please note that dogs are supposed to be on a leash everywhere except inside the designated dog park. I have, however, seen well behaved dogs off leash sitting around the benches and picnic tables and nobody will bother you for that. Not even the park rangers/guards." dogs should always be on leash!!!! regardless of how well behaved you think your dog may be! very disappointing and unprofessional to see this. i understand now why there are so many dogs off leash in high park (you guys are saying its okay)

bbq, August 4, 2014 , posted by ashley , ashleylynncaissie@gmail.com

how come the banner for this site mentions bbq's even though the website clearly states there are no bbq's at the park or allowed in? wouldn't it also be nice if they hired an actual writer for this job. sorry admin but your skills are not adequate. p.s. im not really sorry

Washrooms, August 4, 2014 , posted by Colleen , cailinrolls@hotmail.com

We spend a lot of time as a family playing at the Jamie Bell playground and I just cringe every time one of the kids asks to use the bathroom. The washrooms located close to the playground are nothing short of disgusting. The smell is off-putting to start and then there is the constant reams of toilet paper all over the place. The fixtures look as though they were built in the 1950s and then just forgotten about. Even though I live in the east end I would be more than happy to help with a campaign to raise money to replace these washrooms. For such an amazing playground it is a shame that families have to use these horrible washrooms.

Day in the park, August 3, 2014 , posted by Tony

Visited the park a few days ago, one thing lacking was washroom accessibility, one washroom had some problems so it was closed, There should be temp washrooms placed in such situations. For a large park there a few too washrooms, especially for elders.

Note on park condition:
I remember back in the 60's/70s the park was immaculate and very well kept, I understand that due to costs there is less money to keep up the condition of the park.

Here is a suggestion: Volunteers: It works well for hospitals why not High Park?
There are millions who love this park and would gladly volunteer their time to maintain/improve it. Call it "Day in the Park" you sign up and volunteer a day of your time? Bring High Park back to its former glory!

Found set of keys , August 1, 2014

Found a set of keys in the park between picnic area 5 and the swimming pool by the picnic tables. We took them to the close by restaurant.

Lost Cel Phone, July 30, 2014 , posted by Frank Rosar , frankrosar46@gmail.com

I lost my Samsung cel today at the park. Do you have a lost and found and how do I contact them to find out if anyone turned it in ? Please call 905 832-7017

Washrooms, July 28, 2014 , posted by Michael , Ishmael

Again my wife was in the washroom in high park at the corner of Spring road and Howard Park Road and the washrooms are very dirty. Attached are a few pictures, will these every be renovated?

agressive dogs on spring rd, July 25, 2014

I travel thru high Park morning and night on bicycle, and always encounter dogs biting at my feet, owners with no control over them,, Y is spring road an off-leash for dogs, isn't there a off leash dog park in high pk? and now Centre rd is under construction,, and many grass areas with dogs off leash

Broken glass on trails, July 25, 2014 , posted by Traci , tracim@rogers.com

Hello High Park,

Over the last few weeks I've seen broken shards of glass on the various dirt footpaths through the woods in High Park. Particularly in the more wild sections behind the nature centre and down by the creek.

It's very obvious that this glass has been "sprinkled" on the trails as opposed to just being a careless person breaking a glass bottle. The glass is varied colours and sizes mixed together from multiple sources and today there was a particularly long, vicious shard buried so that it stuck straight up - right on the dirt path.

I've heard that some people do this to discourage dog owners letting dogs run free in on-leash areas.

I find it so disturbing, because though I would be hurt stepping on the glass in rubber flip flops, or a dog would cut their paws, in both cases a Dr. or Vet would be able to set things right again. But, if a raccoon or coyote cuts a paw, it could mean infection and death for the poor animal.

I've been picking up the glass as I find it, but today I found more in a place that didn't have any a few days ago - including that buried shard.

Maybe you'd like to get this news out to the public, or not if it just encourages more of the same, it's certainly up to you how you handle it, but I wanted to share about what I've noticed is going on, in hopes of preventing cut paws and feet.

Kudos to the High Park team for all their work. It's a beautiful oasis in the city.


Closing Gates if you're going to Shakespeare in the Park!, July 23, 2014

Off leash dog park users and Shakespeare in the Park attendees PLEASE make sure that you are closing all gates. It appears that those who are going to Shakespeare in the Park have to open one of the gates that allows access to the off leash park area and cut across a path to gain access to Shakespeare in the Park.
I was at the park yesterday and that gates was left open (most likely by Shakespeare in the Park attendees) and I wasn't aware they were open until my dogs went running out of the off leash area through the open gate and towards the road. If you open the gate PLEASE CLOSE IT! This situation could have easily turned very bad.
I was also disappointed that the people collecting admission/money for Shakespeare in the Park were not enforcing or reminding people to close the gate.

Those of us using the off leash park area enjoy a safe area for our dogs to run off leash....please close gates and help keep it safe for our dogs!

Strollers , July 16, 2014


Can I walk with my baby stroller in the bike lane as the curbs have a lot of bumps?

re: garden upkeep, July 14, 2014 , posted by Admin

I have forwarded your note to the City of Toronto's Park and Recreation department - they maintain High Park

re: waterpark, July 14, 2014

no waterpark, sorry :(

Kids water park , July 13, 2014

Is there water sprinkle for kids?

garden upkeep, July 12, 2014

It seems the gardens are not being kept up as they usually are. Winter debris remains, the perennial garden is disappearing and this year's plantings in general seem minimal. What gives?

Soccer, July 11, 2014 , posted by Victor

Hi - a quick question about the soccer fields. Does/can the field be reserved for group play? If so what is the related cost? Thanks!

re: photo permit, July 10, 2014

No, you don't need a permit.

permit, July 9, 2014 , posted by naureen , naureena786@yahoo.ca

Hello do you need a photography permit if you're taking pictures at the park? It'll be for 30 minutes, photographer is not a professional. For sept 7 2014

re: wedding, July 9, 2014 , posted by Admin

Wedding ceremonies and photography are not allowed in High Park :(

Weddings , July 6, 2014 , posted by Puja , puja.pmalhotra@gmail.com

Hi Hope you're well. I wanted to inquire about July 24, 2015 for a Hindu Wedding Ceremony, times are to be confirmed but we're thinking 10am-2pm.

For the ceremony we have about 200-250 guests.

If you could please send me more information on your packages, pricing, and anything further that would be great.

Thanks in advance - we love the venue and can't wait to hear back! :D


Accessibility, July 5, 2014 , posted by carol

Is High Park an accessible park. Washrooms, restaurant etc. Are there wheelchair curbs etc.

re: proof read, July 5, 2014 , posted by Admin

Sorry if my grammar isn't perfect, I'm aware of this :(

But for someone who wasn't born in an English speaking country it isn't terrible either.

All corrections and suggestions are welcome, if you have the time to send them my way.

Proof Read, July 5, 2014

I feel like a jerk for even mentioning this, but the grammar on your website makes me cringe.

re: bike rental, July 3, 2014 , posted by Admin

No, there is no bike rental inside High Park. You could rent a a Bixi bike but the closest bike rental station is at Ossington and Queen...a 15 minute ride away from HP.

re: train ride, July 3, 2014 , posted by Admin

The train runs approximately every 30 minutes daily from 10:30 am - weekends only during shoulder seasons. Fare: Adults (16 +) $4.50 per person - Children (infant to 15 yrs) & Older Adults (60+) $3.50 per person
Phone: 416-721-2012 for more info

July 2, 2014 , nnanji@hotmail.com

can you rent bikes at high park and how much?

train ride, July 2, 2014 , posted by Valerie , fibreval@gmail.com

Is there a schedule for this.

How often does it run? When did it start and finish each day. I plan to bring my nephews to the park this Saturday.

Is it only for kids? I have friends that may join me. Can they join for a train ride? What's the limit for each party?

Is there a cost?

Where are the transfer stops in the park?

Many thanks!

Lost iphone and wallet, July 1, 2014 , zimnicad@aol.com

My son lost his iPhone at High Park this morning (July 1st), and his brown leather wallet with I'd. If you found either, please e-mail to zimnicad@aol.com. Son's first name is Jeremy.

thanks, June 29, 2014 , posted by Marci

thanks for the info on this page - we don't come to high park often as we live a bit of a drive away but the map and the info help our summer visits - cheers!

Camera found, June 29, 2014 , jkim004@yahoo.ca

FYI We found a camera (sony, blue point and shoot) near the dog park's entrance gate.

Lost Camera, June 18, 2014

I lost my camera near the zoo last June 6, 2014. I know there's no lost & found area in the park, but if you happen to see it, please contact me rexnol@yahoo.com

Safety Hazard, June 18, 2014

I was at the playground 6/17/2014. Children have found a way to tunnel through the woodchips to get under the castle under the rock climbing wall and under the main structure. This is extremely dangerous. I can stop my own kid from going under there but cannot stop other people's children as effectively. Not only do the kids get exposed to the secret graffiti cave full of profanity, they also risk getting stuck without anyone even knowing they are there. I hope something can be done to fill in the tunnels and find a solution to prevent new ones in the future.

re: straw bedding, June 17, 2014 , posted by Admin

You should contact the good people of the Friends of High Park zoo to find out if straw is needed at the zoo.

BBQ/Website, June 17, 2014

Your website says, "High Park Toronto maps, cherry trees, picnic, pictures, BBQ, zoo, sports & more."

The FAQ says, "BBQ
High Park does not have any BBQs. You cannot bring your own BBQ into any City of Toronto Park."

You should probably update the header to remove "BBQ" from it.

Straw bedding, June 17, 2014 , posted by Dan , dlboehner@hotmail.com

I have four (4) bales of straw left over from a party. Would you be able to use this for bedding for the animals. I live near the park and can drop it off if you wish.
Mobile: 613-325-9315

This Year\\\'s Festivals, June 16, 2014 , posted by Dudley Patrick , jahmackyia@gmail.com

Hi I am a Canadian citizen, born in Toronto and am looking for pplaces to showcase my artistic talent in upcoming festivals this year.

Zoo, June 16, 2014 , posted by Amanda , djamandahines@gmail.com

The zoo's pretty depressing. With all the acres of land that make up High Park, is there any chance of extending some of the pens? The animals seem so unhappy and bored, a larger area may help more trees and forms of enrichment could allow them better places t to avoid the gawping visitors and their dogs? Now the park has been granted government assistance, is this feasible?

Building Near The Hippie, June 14, 2014 , posted by Cathy , cboydwithers@yahoo.com

Who owns the large brown building inside the park, near The Hippie sculpture? Why does it look abandoned and disintegrating, when it's such a beautiful old structure? When my kids were little they attended TDSB summer nature camps there. What can be done to save this lovely old place? Surely if restored, it could be house another restaurant or be rented out for events to raise revenue for the park? I hate to see it fall into such disrepair. Can't something be done?

A few updates, June 14, 2014 , posted by Admin

I got a response from 311 confirming that BBQ are not allowed inside city parks - I've updated the related pages accordingly and even renamed the page that used to be called "Picnic and BBQ" to "Picnic" to avoid confusion.

I also received news that the zoo is fully funded again in the 2014 city budget, which is great! Zoo page has been updated to reflect this change.

Thanks again for your feedback, keep them coming, I appreciate all comments.

Wheelchair accessibility, June 12, 2014 , posted by Kristin

Information on wheelchair accessibility would be appreciated. I am surprised I am unable to find anything at all as most public places now include this information. Specifically helpful would be information on accessible parking, accessible transit in the area (e.g. is the subway stop you recommend accessible?) and accessible washrooms. Accessible parking and washrooms could also be shown on the map. Please consider.

re:BBQ, June 12, 2014 , posted by Admin

I wasn't able to get a straight answer from the city as of yet.

Try http://www.toronto.ca/parks/featured-parks/high-park/ or www.toronto.ca/311 or call 311

If someone is able to get a straight yes or no from the city let me know and I'll update the relevant pages.

Still no BBQ Clarification, June 12, 2014 , posted by Rod

The topic of bbqing in the park has yet to be addressed despite the numerous pleas from various parties for clarification as to whether any form of bbqing is allowed - either charcoal, electric, combustible fuel, or other - despite the park's website referring to both bbqing as being prohibited and yet eluding to the activity of bbqing in the area. A simple YES or NO is all that we're asking for. Given the level of general public confusion I'm shocked this has not been put to rest. Add me to the list of frustrated park goers unsatisfied with the lack of response on the subject.

Baby Geese Petting!? , June 11, 2014

Like to take strolls through the park after work, noticed in the last few days (June 9,10,11th) there's many people taking an extremely CLOSE interest in the baby geese that are with the main flock of geese by the large pond. They are in a severely high trafficked area. People are casually chasing, feeding, attempting to grab and pet the babies (saw some 5-8 year old kids doing all of the above today whe their parents took pictures)... Besides mama bird in slight discomfort, no animals were in "distress".

This situation has the potential to be either really amazing for visitors or either an animal or person can get hurt. Not sure what can be done though. :/

Event Booking, June 11, 2014 , posted by Nathan Lawlor , NALGRIP@gmail.com

I'm looking to throw an event within the high park area, preferably deep in the park, it would be for a release party we are organizing and we want it to be outdoors within a park such as high park!

Please let me know how to book and what is required!

Thank you

BBQ's, June 10, 2014 , posted by Penni

On your Picnic & BBQ section you refer to BBQing food a few times, and say if you burn your burger you can buy one... I'm confused as to how one could burn anything if there are no fixed BBQ's in the park, and the rule of no BBQ's in any TO park. Is there a way to cook food in the park? Please post what type of cooking can be done in the park, and if none is allowed, then please remove all BBQ references. Maybe Picnic Area to replace Picnic & BBQ, will be less confusing.

BBQ - propane, June 10, 2014 , posted by Marina

Hello, can you please tell me the rules around BBQing at High Park? Are we allowed to bring and use a propane BBQ. I understand that we are not allowed a charcole bbq.

I would like official clarification on what can and cannot be brought and or used in the park for cooking.

Thank you

Fishing, June 10, 2014 , posted by Marcian de Zilva , dezilva@outlook.com

1.What entrance do we take to park closest to Grenadier Pond to fish?
2. Can we bring two folding chairs (we are seniors) to sit beside the fishing area?
3. Can we use live bait?
4. What fish is found in this pond?

LOST PHONE, June 6, 2014 , posted by tyler.howe@live.com , tyler.howe@live.com

Was walking through the park and while feed a squirrel and lost my white Iphone
is there a lost and found on site ?

if found please email me at tyler.howe@live.com

bike renatal, June 5, 2014


are there any bike rentals place inside the park or i need to bring my own bike?

Clarification on No BBQ allowed, June 3, 2014 , posted by Shuja , srshuja@hotmail.com


In your FAQ page you mentioned no BBQ is allowed in the park but then you went on say in 'Picnic and BBQ' page that 'Most people bring a combination or ready made food from home and meat and veggies to barbeque. While the parents prepare the food kids can play games on the grass which is nicely maintainted all year'
Not sure what to think of this. BBQ is not allowed but people still do it?
Can we bring a gas stove to heat up our home made food?

No Water and its June already?, June 2, 2014 , posted by Chris

How come there is no water in the main fountain (waterfall)? And also no water in the small pools by the flower beds. And speaking of flowers, where are the red and white flowers decorating our amazing maple leaf on the outskirt of Grenadier Pond

fitness, June 2, 2014 , posted by stash , stanmichalek@hotmail.com

years ago there was a nature trail set up with exercise stations set at intervals does this still exist in the park.

June 2, 2014

is there a splash pad or wading pool, etc?

Picnics, June 2, 2014

This may be a silly question, but for like a date, can you just lay a blanket down and have a picnic or do you need to use the picnic sites?

Teddy bear, May 30, 2014

We lost a white teddy bear in high park today. Could you post a message if you have found it or seen it set aside. I don't think there is an obvious place for lost/ found in the park - but if you know otherwise then much appreciate any advice.

Barn Yard Day Rental at High Park, May 30, 2014 , posted by Jennifer , jteran04@gmail.com


Last year I was at the park and noticed a child had a birthday party taking place in what looked like a barn yard at High Park. I was wondering how I would go about renting that barnyard, the costs etc. I have my son's 2nd birthday coming up on July 26, 2014.

cherry trees this weekend, May 29, 2014 , posted by Admin

nope, the blooming is over :(

May 29, 2014 , posted by samma501

I am planning to visit the park this saturday (May 31st). Any chance I might still be able to catch the last of the late blooming trees? Thank you.

re: BBQ, May 29, 2014 , posted by Admin

I got the info from here: http://www.toronto.ca/311/knowledgebase/52/101000041452.html

The above page says no BBQs are allowed at all.

Poison ivy , May 29, 2014 , posted by Andrew , Gentile.Andrew @Gmail.com

I am hoping someone from the park can direct me to information on there poison ivy management strategy. I noticed some is encroaching onto pathways in the northeastern portion of the park. I am wondering if there are volunteer opportunities to do some eradication or if the plant is being protected.

BBQ, May 29, 2014 , posted by Joe

As per BBQing in High Park, your last Admin post was incorrect I believe.
Only Charcoal BBQ are prohibited - propane BBQ should be OK unless the rules changed very recently and nobody changed signs or updated websites.



Hammocks?, May 28, 2014 , whhsiatret@hotmail.com

Is it allowed to set up hammocks in the park? Are there specific areas which are not allowed?

BBQ, May 28, 2014 , posted by Admin

To clarify: High Park does not have any BBQs. You cannot bring your own BBQ into any City park.

Co-Op/ Volunteer, May 28, 2014 , posted by Claire , gandcoc@gmail.com

I was just wondering if you guys take Co-Op students in the summer?

Buddhism on fishing, May 27, 2014 , posted by Ed

The Buddhist attitude to animal life

Fishing reversed, May 27, 2014 , posted by Angela Idos

Imagine that one out of every 1000th burger we eat would have a 3inch long hook hidden inside and after we swallow it someone we don't see jerks on an rope that we also don't see to hook the hook into the wall of our stomach then pulls us underwater - and call it a sport and make TV channels for it and do this for entertainment.

re: fishing, May 27, 2014 , posted by Admin

I wholeheartedly agree that fishing should be banned at High Park (and everywhere else too).

If I lived a thousand lifetimes I would never understand what "fun" people get out of getting an animal to swallow a hook then jerking on it to pierce it into their flesh then taking them out of their element into an environment where they cannot breathe.

fishing, May 26, 2014 , posted by Paul Jenkins , pjbanter@gmail.com

Please prohibit fishing in High Park. This practice is cruel even if unintentionally and causes collateral harm to other wild life. The "sport" is deeply disturbing to people with sensitivity towards other sentient beings and recalls an environmentally destructive and unsustainable industry.
Our civic commons ought to be about respecting and living in harmony with the natural world, not exploiting it.

Fishing should be banned, May 26, 2014 , posted by Paul York , paulyork.2010@gmail.com

I am tired of seeing people fish the pond at High Park. Even if you release them, it is extremely painful for the fish. They have pain receptors just as we do. This has been demonstrated by science. Moreover, there are signs warning that fishing line tangles kill and harm the birds and wildlife. Why continue to allow this barbaric activity in a park? Hunting is now allowed, so why is fishing? Protect High Park's wildlife and prohibit fishing.

BBQs, May 26, 2014 , posted by Jennifer , jennifernantais@hotmail.com

This is so confusing to me and should be clarified on here I think. There is talk about fixed BBQs located in the park but then it's mentioned that there are no charcoal BBQs allowed in the park...so are these BBQs that are available gas BBQs? Do we have to bring our own gas tank? The word BBQ and "picnic" are kind of used interchangeably on here and it would be super helpful if things were clear.

Car Windows Smashed at Spring Road Parking, May 21, 2014

I was parked at the Spring Road parking lot this evening (May 21) between 7:45pm and 9:30pm. I came back to my car and one back window was smashed.
The vandal took a gym bag in the trunk with clothes inside. It is unfortunate that the lot is not a safe option for parking. I will be parking at the public lots along Lakeshore in the future.

Blog post on ILoveToronto.com, May 21, 2014 , posted by Heather Hadden , heatherh@ilovetoronto.com


First of all I have to tell I love the walks in High Park. Each time you can find something new there!

I've published a blog post about some of the activities you can do with your kids in the park. Hope you'll like it! You can find the article here: http://ilovetoronto.com/places-in-toronto/2014/05/high-park

Best regards,

feeding the llamas, May 21, 2014 , posted by hs , POSTALOUTLET@HOTMAIL.COM

Can we feed the llamas and pet the rabbits, chickens, and reindeer at 11am on week days? Have only been to the zoo on the weekend.


Cherry blooming is over :-(, May 20, 2014 , posted by Admin

Yesterday there were a few solitary trees holding on to a few flower petals but all that's gone by now, cherry blossom season is over for 2014.

Thank you all for your comments, updates and pictures - all is much appreciated.

Have a happy spring and enjoy High Park for the rest of the year!

May 20, 2014

I took my Mom to go see the cherry blossoms on Victoria Day. We got to the park very early, (at 8:30am) and others must've had the same thought because even at that time, it was still pretty busy. We found a parking spot very easily and since it's our first time, we were both a little surprised at how few cherry blossoms are actually in full bloom. After such a cold, snowy winter, it makes sense that they're a little shy this year. Even though there aren't too many to see just yet, it was still a great trip. We hiked around the lake and when we made our way back up, there were tons more people there and parking looked like much more of a mess. We had brunch at the cafe which was great. Their grilled cheese sandwiches were so crunchy and delicious!

Cherry trees update, May 20, 2014

Not too many trees this year. I went on Victoria Day and I only saw 2 trees with flowers. I still managed to take some pictures, but if you are coming from far away just to see these trees I'm not sure it will be worth it. You can check some pictures here:

MAY 19 VISIT, May 20, 2014 , posted by Sean@PMRI

did not see much Japanese cherry trees when I visited there on May 19,2014,the zoo had awful stink, but still had fun there. Sean@PMRI

Cherry Blossoms May 17, 2014, May 19, 2014

Cherry Blossoms 2014??? All i can say is, this year is nothing compare from previous years. We went on Saturday and i was in shocked when i did not see any full bloomed cherry blossom trees. We were disappointed but we still managed to took some good pictures at the park. I have posted my Now and Then photos of the Cherry blossoms trees on my blog. I know sometimes it's not easy to visualize how people are describing what the trees looks so check it out =)


2014 first time in the park, May 18, 2014 , posted by Be Somebody's friend

My first visit to high park (ever) was Saturday at 7 am. Easy parking in the park at that hour! This visit was with a friend, who's previously commented on this forum. The wildlife was beautiful and consumed about half of my attention while there. A bird lover told us of some Canada Geese with very young goslings! So cute! But protective parents. The small orange birds (orioles?) we're doing as much damage to the cherry blooms as the rain and wind, but birds and trees (all varieties) were a terrific sight to see in any case. The blooms by the zoo made the 130 km trip worth it, and I hope to visit next year.

May 18, 2014

Cherry blossoms? What cherry blossoms!!! Big waste of time. Especially comparing to last year. If just visiting the park is your goal please go ahead, it is always nice to see it.

BBQ, May 18, 2014

Can I BBQ at high park during the cherry blossoms season? and is there and BBQ place or we have to bring our own?

Question about BBQ, May 18, 2014 , posted by Tim , timsun341@hotmail.com

I have visited the high park website and the toronto permits website. However, I could not get a clear answer. I and my friends (under 25 people) want to go to high park to visit and have a picnic. Do you guys have permanent fixed BBQ in the picnic area and are we allowed to do charcoal BBQ in that area?

Cherry blossom trees, May 18, 2014

We went Saturday even though it was chilly and cloudy cause I was afraid if we don't see the blossoms now it would go away soon. Thousands of other people probably had the same thought so it was packed and hard to park if you went in the early afternoon. There weren't any petals except for a few by the zoo. Not as nice as previous years if you went early enough. Everyone's taking pictures of the big beautiful Magnolia tree with the pink flowers. If you're already there you can see the zoo and other the beautiful tulips infront on Bloor but don't go if you want to mainly see the cherry blossoms they're gone by now.

Driving through the park?, May 18, 2014 , posted by Molly

I'm temporarily on crutches but want to see some sakura's in bloom. Can we drive through the park and see verymuch that way?

Cherry blossoms almost all gone, May 18, 2014 , posted by Admin

May 18 (Sunday): very little is left of the cherry blossoms. A few trees are still hanging on but don't travel to the park from afar just for this. Blooming is coming to an end :(

re: Charcoal pits, May 18, 2014 , posted by Admin

@ParkWatchHosts: I've removed the reference to charcoal pits from the website. Sorry about this, it was removed from the "picnic" page a while ago but I forgot to update the "faq". Thanks for point this out!

blossoms left, May 17, 2014 , posted by richelle

Hi there!are there still cherry blossoms left after the rains for the previous days?can we still see some trees in bloom tomorrow?

Do you have any pictures updates of the blossom as of today?

Parking, May 17, 2014 , posted by Your Friend

Do not, do not, do not, do not park illegally this weekend. Not for a minute. They will nail you.

They nailed me... with our picnic 20 metres away and me sprinting to talk with the ticketing officer. He was very friendly, but regretfully couldn't do anything about the $110 ticket he just wrote. He said that they were out in full force throughout the weekend with instructions to show no mercy. (We even saw a GOLF CART that they had in operation, with two officers riding. Yeah.)

Either circle until you find a spot (not recommended, it'll drive you crazy), park 15 minutes away in one of the surrounding residential areas (not as far as you think), or take your cooler and picnic basket on the TTC. Don't make the same mistake I did.

PS - The trees aren't great, but they ones down by the High Park Blvd entrance (near the foot of the zoo) still had some petals. Worth the trip, but not worth the ticket.

May 17, 2014

waterfall and short brick wall - can anyone tell me where these are at the park?

Charcoal Pits, May 17, 2014 , posted by Park Watch Hosts

The web site indicates there are Charcoal pits available in the park. These were removed a number of years ago. This information has caused the Park Watch volunteers a problem as we advise individuals that the use of charcoal is not allowed. We would ask that this reference be removed from the site?

Last year, May 17, 2014 , posted by Be Somebody

For comparison, here are photos I took last year. I still want to go back even if it's not blooming as much. The park is beautiful anyway.

Pictures from 2013

Train, May 16, 2014 , posted by Clara

Where does the high park train leave from? I want to try and go with relatives this weekend but they are unable to walk long distances.


Hidden magic, May 16, 2014 , posted by Gen

@Roger Wright, agreed! That's what we discovered, one rainy afternoon/early evening yesterday. An enchanting sight to behold! The trees might not be as bountiful but still lovely and standing as proud. We spent more time as planned, not wanting the spell to end.

May 16, 2014 , posted by Roger Wright

Kudos....would take a muddy,flea-bitten,junk yard dog anyday over the prize-winning pedigree! One gets more in return,but only when one discovers the hidden beauty.

Pictures from May 15, May 16, 2014 , posted by Admin

Sent by Gen Mendoza - thank you!

Picture one, picture two, picture three

May 16, 2014 , posted by Heather

@RogerWright: I love your comments!

Sakura on the long weekend, May 16, 2014 , posted by Admin

As you can read in the posts below, the Sakura for the long weekend will still be blooming but they are not as spectacular as last year or the year before. If the "perfect" full bloom was an award winning purebred dog then what we see this year is a muddy mutt. If you like muddy mutts - I do - then go and enjoy the trees and the park. If you want to see a sea of pink petals and will complain later that you didn't then don't bother visiting.

Ps: new pictures will be updated before noon today.

Sakura:My two cents, May 16, 2014 , posted by Roger Wright

I agree with a lot of the comments below. When admin declared 'full bloom',they meant "what you see is what you get".Years past,one could stand at Hilltop and look down and see nothing but a sea of pink,not so this year.One could camp out under the trees,look up and not see the sky for a wall of blooms,not so this year.Once more,as some have pointed out,there are no buds forthcoming to fill in the gaps.These trees are at the extreme northern edge of their range.With the winter past and the mediocre spring it is amazing Mother Nature is giving us a show at all,albeit more subdued than what we have come to expect.

And therein lies the problem.To 'expect' things from Nature is to set yourself up for disappointment.She is beautiful not only in her grandeur,but her transcience.So get out and enjoy it without attaching expectations.We should be grateful she is giving us a show at all.

A added note.The trees at the foot of the zoo have fared much better than those on Hillside.

May 15, 2014 , posted by Gen

I've been following up on the forum daily so despite the bad weather, the kids and I braved the rain to see how the cherry blossoms are faring. Its true, there were more leaves than blooms and we were disappointed of course. However, there were not much people around. With the fog and rain, and almost desolateness, the park actually looked so serene and beautiful. With the ground blanketed by cherry blossom petals. We found a pink magnolia tree in full bloom, though and enjoyed taking pictures of it. If the rains doesn't let up, I'm afraid, one can't expect much to see this weekend.

Full bloom is now, May 15, 2014 , posted by Melanie

Reading the comments below, there’s some confusion about the meaning of “full bloom.” I was in High Park this afternoon & I agree with Admin. All the flowers that are going to blossom are in full bloom now. However, the trees are not going to be completely pink as in past years because we had a long, cold winter & many of the blossom buds did not develop. Many buds went straight to leaves. The trees are half pink, half green. Blossoms are starting to fall off, but what can we expect after so much rain?

This was my first time seeing cherry blossoms in person & I had a lovely time. The trees were beautiful! I walked up Colborne Lodge Dr. to the restaurant area. I walked along the path down to Grenadier Pond from there. There were lots of people wandering around & taking photos. It is a gift that we have cherry blossoms at all! I am reminded of an anonymous quote I read: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it [or in this case, flowers from past years]. It just blooms.”

The huge magnolia tree is stunning! [The Toronto Star photographer was a little confused. I think the photo in the paper today is of the magnolia tree.]


Full bloom is over, May 15, 2014 , posted by Momoiro

I went this morning at 11:00 to the trail by Grenadier Pond and most of the blossoms have fallen off already. I'm very disappointed because I've been here almost every year at full bloom and it was not like this! Today, it was mostly leaves rather than blossoms, so I think that what's left of the blossoms will be gone by this weekend due to the rain. It wasn't worth my time going all the way there from the suburbs.

On the other hand, when I drove to the exit at the Parkside Drive, I saw a glimpse of some trees with denser blossoms, part of the trail by the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground. If you still want to try seeing the cherry blossoms, I think this second trail will be slightly better.

The Toronto Public Library website has more info and a map of where you can find the cherry blossoms: http://torontopubliclibrary.typepad.com/new_to_canada/2012/04/spring-in-toronto-brings-the-annual-high-park-cherry-blossoms.html

re: where to park and where the trees are, May 15, 2014 , posted by Admin

The trees are here.

Where to park: There is a parking lot near two of the areas where the cherry trees are located. One of the parking lots is by the playground - as you drive in from Parkside you'll need to turn left at the fork to get to the parking this parking lot. If you turn right at the fork you'll end up at the other parking lot by the Grenadier Cafe, which is also a very short walk away from a bunch of cherry trees.

best area, May 15, 2014 , posted by proposal


Can anyone recommend where in the park has the path with the most cherry blossom trees? High park is a big park...I want to make sure I get to visit the best portions!


where to park, May 15, 2014

Hi There!

I am bringing my daughters to high park to see the cherry blossoms for the first time. Since they are little I want to come early and park as close as possible so they do not have to walk much. I printed a copy of the map but it doesn't say where the cherry blossoms are. Can you recommend the nearest place to park please.

Pictures from Henry, May 15, 2014 , posted by Admin

Henry Ng has sent three beautiful pictures, view them here:

Picture one, Picture two, Picture three


Not too much rain, May 15, 2014 , posted by JJ

There hasn't been as much rain as forecast - does it mean that full bloom will last throughout the weekend?

Personal opinion, May 15, 2014

hi, I'm Japanese and I went this morning but what i saw was definitely not full bloom. If you look from a distance its green. Full bloom literally looks all pink. Im not sure if its going to blossom later, but it looks like half of the trees bloomed already, so I assume that you will not see the fully pink "full bloom" picture that I had in mind. I have also been here around three years ago when it looked "full bloom". It was truly worth travelling for. Personally, its not worth the commute this year.

Thursday full bloom, May 15, 2014 , posted by Admin

Full bloom today. See pictures here. Go today or tomorrow. Not sure about the weekend yet...it's a very good chance the blossoms will "survive" the rain and wind but then again, they may not - check back for updates later. If anyone has an update please post it here. Enjoy the view!

Any news on the trees?, May 14, 2014

Did the rain kill them all or are they still blooming?

Blooming is nice now, May 14, 2014 , posted by Johanna

Wednesday afternoon all the trees are flowering

Sakura, May 14, 2014 , posted by Roger Wright

I have to agree with admin. I am fortunate in that I get to ride my bicycle through the park every day. As such,friends are always wanting me to let them know the best time to view the trees. This is proving to be one of the most difficult years to do that. Potentially the weekend could be spectacular,looking at the forecast. Looks as though Thursday may be the pivotal day. The blooms are at a precarious point now and heavy wind and rain tomorrow could destroy what will otherwise be a grand display. Mother Nature will decide.

Weeknight crowds have been light this year,lots of parking available. That will,of course,change on the weekend.

Lost my wallet!, May 14, 2014 , posted by Parwez Nejatie , pnejatie@gmail.com

Hi everyone, I was at the park yesterday afternoon. I lost my wallet on the afternoon of May 13 at the park. If you have found my wallet, can you please call or email me if you have found it. My phone number is 905-366-4578 and my email is pnejaite@gmail.com. I hope someone found my wallet, its a mess to replace the things I have in there. Thank you! Parwez Nejatie

May 13, 2014

Read the comments in the forum, so decided to go to High Park tonight. Not many people there, pretty easy to find a parking spot near the restaurant. Managed to take some nice pictures before it rained. The cherry trees are not in full bloom yet but still very beautiful.

For Wednesday, May 13, 2014 , posted by Admin

Go any day this week to enjoy full bloom. With rain and storms on the way there is a chance full bloom won't last until the weekend. I wish I could predict with certainty what will happen on the weekend but I can't. Check back on Thursday or Friday for more updates.

@Judith: The trees are located here inside the park

Where?, May 13, 2014 , posted by J , Judith.allen@bell.net

Fascinated to hear about these beauties. Lived in east Toronto for 40 years and never made aware before! Would love to see a map...where in the park should we go to enjoy them? Nearest place to park?

May 13, 2014 , posted by MM

Can we please have an update if today's Sakuras trees?

Waterfowl Feeding, May 13, 2014 , posted by Carla , carlas@rogers.com

Hi!! I was wondering if it would be possible to install waterfowl feeding machines to stop people from feeding the ducks bread which is very harmful to them. I would gladly fund this venture and buy the duck pellets myself. Please let me know what kind of permission I need etc? Thank you very much!

May 13, 2014

Will the trees still be blooming on May 17th? I'm planning on bringing someone special to High Park and I really would like to see the cherry blossom trees too. :)

Lost Keys, May 13, 2014 , posted by Camille

Hi all, I think I have lost my keys in the park last Sunday (May 11th), 2keys a normal one and a very small one, a red Goodlife pass and a key ring with little satellites, if anyone found them please give me a call? My name is Camille647-403 2961

Visit on Victoria day weekend, May 13, 2014 , posted by Jarin

We want to come on victoria day weekend. Is that a bad time? Do you think any blossom will left for us on that time?

re: still blooming?, May 13, 2014 , posted by Admin

Yes - Tuesday is a good day to grab your camera and head over to High Park to see the trees in bloom. Wednesday will also be a good day to do so. Anytime it doesn't rain is a good time to go this week!

May 13, 2014 , posted by Ella , ellafranchesca.apo@gmail.com

Are the trees still blooming? I'm thinking of taking my family there this weekend!

You're welcome, May 12, 2014 , posted by I work at HP

Hey Juliette, thanks for your comments about park maintenance, certainly appreciate it. Yes, it's our job to take care of the park but a "thank you" here and there feels good. Cheers!

Donation of 200 trees, May 12, 2014

Well 2000 of those cherry trees DID come from Japan. http://www.sakurainhighpark.com/history/ If you're local and oblivious, there's a cure. :)

\, May 12, 2014 , posted by BunnyBlossoms

Local homeowners of all people should know where the trees came from. That's right. They were a gift from the "orientals" ^_^ You're welcome. We share because it's more fun and Canadian.

Mother's day was perfect, May 12, 2014 , posted by Juliette , wowziethanks@yahoo.ca

Mother Nature is about to give us a great splash of Spring colour with the Japanese Cheryy Blossom's. We dropped by on May 11 and it was a perfect Mother's Day treat. The blooms are shy of being fully open. Thank you to the team of people who keep these grounds beautiful in all areas of the park.
Be sure to appreciate and treat the park with respect during your visit to the Japanese Cherry Tree Blossoms. Here's a quick video of the train ride and blossoms in the back ground from May 11. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/DfMuBcI_Q4k on youtube

Uneven surfaces/potholes, May 12, 2014 , posted by Katherine Weber , weberkathy87@yahoo.ca

When I walk through the park I find it somewhat dangerous. There are many potholes and uneven surfaces on the sidewalks throughout the park. For assistance I use a rollator and I find it quite difficult to get around without worrying about tripping and falling. I feel that this matter should be doubt with as soon as possible so everyone can enjoy their time at High Park. The streets in Toronto are being fixed so why can't the park walkways be fixed too?

@31 yr High Park homeowner, May 12, 2014 , posted by DK

I'm Asian, and I totally agree with you. We've pretty much taken over. Better get used to it - Canada is more multicultural than that your lil' pocket of high park homeowners.

What is considerate?, May 12, 2014 , posted by Bela Szemeti

Oriental or not, people need to be more considerate at public places/parks. If there are thousands of people at any given place and a group of people monopolizes the area that's inconsiderate regardless of who these people are. In different cultures shared place is used differently and what's generally acceptable by some may be frowned upon by others. I thought multicultural cities such as Toronto have already developed ways to deal cultural differences.

Yes, comments are moderated, May 12, 2014 , posted by Admin

Anyone is entitled to their opinion and share it on this forum. Anyone is also welcome to respond to posts. However, profanities or use of offensive language will not be posted. If you want to see your comment posted don't use swear words in your message and don't use a fake name.

Cherry blossom update, May 12, 2014 , posted by Admin

Many of the trees are blooming on Monday, May 12. Full bloom is not for another few days but due to lots of rain in the forecast it's best to visit the park any time this week whenever it's not raining. Will the trees still be blooming for the long weekend? Yes - barring any major storm during the week.

@Monianne: Sorry you didn't see as many trees in bloom as you had expected. A few people have sent in comments that they saw many trees blooming so perhaps try another areas. There are reports of trees in full bloom by the sports field.

RE: toilets: I didn't know there would be porta-potties this year. I guess the city listened to people's complaints from last year!

Re: Post below., May 12, 2014 , posted by Benny

Lol @ Orientals!

May 12, 2014

Below--I don't see how they're preventing you from walking by and looking at the trees unless they're deliberately trying to prevent you from going through.

I went here last year and didn't have a problem viewing the trees. Granted, I didn't have a lot of space, but doesn't that come with the territory for a busy place?

Cherry Tree Blossoms, May 12, 2014

the orientals have overtaken the area around the trees at blossom time. It's only in the last six yrs or so that this has happened. They hang around there all day making it difficult for anyone else to simply walk by to view the trees. My fellow High Park neighbours all say the same thing.

31 yr High Park homeowner

blooms are beautiful today (Sunday), May 11, 2014


Babies at the Zoo, May 11, 2014

Highland Cattle- 1 calf April 2014
Barbary Sheep- Twins March 2014 & 1 April 2014

Cherry Blossoms, May 11, 2014 , posted by Squirt , sujata1923@hotmail.com

If it is pouring rain, is it possible the all the blossoms on the tree will remain in full bloom? Just wondering, I will be going today May 11 to take a look at the trees and hope I will be able download a few photos from my cell phone.

Partially full bloom, May 11, 2014 , posted by Henry

I went to High Park on May 10 and saw full bloom cherry blossoms near sport field and most of the trees on the upper part of the walk way down to the Grenadier pond are in full bloom except for the cherry trees at the bottom of the Grenadier pond area are still not in bloom, pink petals only so they will be all in full bloom by next long weekend holiday but the rain in next week is a concern here...

May 10th Sakura Blossom, May 11, 2014 , posted by Monianne

The only Blossom to be seen today, May 10th, are few, and only at the top of a very few branches of a fe trees. You need a keen eye and s long lens to capture them.

Although it is a precious and beautiful moment if you can capture a shot, the majority of the visitors today were very unhappy and disgruntled. They waited and waited to park their cars, got out their cameras, kids, and all sorts of gear....only to return n 20 minutes to half an hour.....very disappointed.

There are lots of buds but no white trees yet. The official website is not very helpful at all .

Also; There is a huge bank of portable toilets half-way down the path from Genadier Restaurant to Colborne Lodge.

It seems like Midweek would be a good time to see the trees blossoming.


May 11, 2014 , posted by Richie

These blossoms don't hold up well to inclement weather, so with rains
on the way during the week this week-end might be an option to consider.

Full bloom, May 11, 2014 , posted by Admin

Full bloom is not happening today. Today you'll see about half a dozen trees blooming. Full bloom is next weekend (long weekend).

To me, seeing most - but not all - trees in bloom on a weekday and being able to park easily and use the washroom without a 30m wait is more appealing than going on the long weekend and stressing about issues related to large crowds. But it's just my opinion. If you don't care about your sanity then go on the long weekend.

cherry blossom this weekend, May 10, 2014 , posted by richelle r.

Has anybody been there at high park today ?please share or post some pictures of the cherry blossoms as of today and please advise if when will be the perfect timing to visit.will it be in full bloom tomorrow?

Peak bloom, May 10, 2014 , posted by Admin

To see the most trees in bloom all at once go on the long weekend.

If you want to avoid crowds and the hassle of parking and long lineups for washrooms then go on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. (14,15,16 of May)

May 10, May 10, 2014 , posted by Thom

A few flowers are out, we've seen them today. Certainly not a quarter of the trees as predicted maybe ten trees but lots more seem ready to go anytime now.

Cherry Blossoms, May 10, 2014

Has anybody seen if the Cherry Blossoms bloomed today? May 10

BBQ Pits, May 10, 2014 , posted by Jeramiah Too

We went today as a group of 12 people, was a bit disappointed that the BBQ pits were removed.

The website needs an update in the BBQ section.


(Charcoal grills only)

First bloom, May 9, 2014 , posted by Henry

There are 2 or 3 cherry trees that has some blooming blossoms today May 9 near the Grendier pond...

May 9, 2014


This weekend or next weekend?, May 9, 2014 , posted by Admin

Short answer: Some trees will be blooming this weekend (10/11 of May). More on Sunday than Saturday. By "some" I mean maybe 20-30%.

Next weekend (Victoria day long weekend) there is a very good chance that most trees will be in full bloom. We'll know this with more certainly in 2-3 days but as it stands full bloom is for the long weekend, and the teaser is this weekend.

Please advise on timing to visit, May 9, 2014 , posted by TM , lasttibet@hotmail.com

I have the same question. Does Sakura blossom this weekend or next weekend? I don't mind some of Sakura are not blossoming.

Full Bloom Next Weekend?, May 9, 2014 , posted by Ash

Hi there,

I understand that some of the trees will be blooming this weekend, but will there still be trees in bloom by next weekend? Which weekend will have more trees in bloom? I know someone else asked this, but your answer did not clarify.


Please advise, May 9, 2014 , posted by SS

I have been waiting for the cherry blossom for so a long time. Reading the last comment by admin I am little confused as to whether i should visit the park this weekend or the next. Please advise.
FYI: I have no issues with crowding and want to visit at the best time.. But i can't go in the weekdays.

May 8 update, May 9, 2014 , posted by Admin

It's true! Some, perhaps a quarter, of the trees are practically blooming already with pink, swollen buds ready to open any time now.

Today and the days ahead will be warm and sunny so I would say check out the park on Sunday (Mother's Day). Full bloom - when all the trees are flowering at the same time - won't happen this weekend but if you don't like big crowds then this Sunday is your day.

Here are a few Pictures from the morning of Friday, May 8th. Sorry, they are not the best quality but they are perfect to give you an idea of just how close the trees are to blooming.

Also, let's hope that the City opens the washrooms in time for the blooming.

Cherry Blossom Makeup Party, May 8, 2014 , posted by Shane , tridung911@yahoo.com

Good Afternoon,
So the cherry Blossom is coming !
and we are thinking to have a small make up party for our girls before they take photo shot at high park on Victoria Day - May 19th,2014.
Do we need a permission from High Park to do so?
Thank you

CHERRY BLOSSOMS UPDATE, May 7, 2014 , posted by Admin

An update - with pictures - will be provided on Friday before 10am. From what I saw yesterday it looks there is a chance that some of the trees will start blooming this weekend. Sunny days this week has helped the trees a lot. Check back on Friday for details and a confirmation about blooming this weekend (May 10-11)

cherry blossom in full bloom, May 7, 2014 , posted by richelle

Hi there,any updates if when will be the cherry blossom in high park were in full bloom?kindly post some pictures and is it possible to be in full bloom this weekend?

BBQ Areas, May 6, 2014 , posted by Magda

I would like to have a small (10) BBQ afternoon at one of the BBQ areas at High Park. My question is if the actual BBQ are present or do we have to bring our own equipment?
Thank you

A Question!, May 6, 2014

Are we allowed to have an art sale or art carnival in High Park holding by Red Cross Youth Group for donation to Red Cross? Do we need a permisson from City of Toronto?
We basically would like to sell some art pieces and crafts, and maybe facepainting for kids.
Thank you so much!

when will the cherry blossom tress come to full bloom?, May 6, 2014 , posted by Angelina

Any predictions? Do you think later this week (May 10), they will already be in full bloom? Any updated pics you can share?

Keep off-dogs in the dog park, May 5, 2014 , posted by Ray Kennedy

Why can't dog owners just keep their dogs on a leash everywhere except in the dog park. If they complain that their dogs can't be off-leash at park that doesn't have a designated off-leash area, that's understandable but High Park does have an off-leash park. So why not just stick to the rules?

On another note, the whole off-leash park should be fenced in properly!

Sakura in the GTA, May 5, 2014 , posted by Geoff Warden

I think cherry trees across the GTA will bloom more or less around the same time as they do at High Park - if you're talking about the same kind of Japanese cherry trees in fact. There are many varieties but only one is known as the Sakura.

Nature School Violation, May 5, 2014 , posted by Kim Robinson , kim.robinson@humber.ca

On Saturday, May 2, a group of children (@15-20) along with three instructors were in HIgh Park in a sensitive, regeneration zone. The children were running everywhere, as children do, along with the instructors, all enjoying the hillside. The problem is that it is a zone they're trying to keep people away from so it has a chance of renewing itself. There are large black rectangles of canvasses on the ground, along with signs posted asking people to stay out of the area. All of this was disregarded by HIgh Park Nature Club and its leaders. This is very disappointing, especially as they are some of the stewards responsible for HIgh Park's future.

I've been coming to HIgh Park for 20 years. My children came here. I'm hoping their children will come too. The Nature Club is a good thing, but it needs to set the bar. They were having so much fun, it's hard to send this. However, I'd like to remind them that we need their awareness and practice of site sensitive places in the park.
Let the children run and observe, but choose the space wisely.

Kim Robinson

May 4, 2014 , posted by KAthy

Do you guys think this is the same for trees in Mississauga and Burlington?

ON LEASH AREAS- not being observed, May 4, 2014 , posted by Kaley

We live across the street from High Park and used to walk/run/play in the park every day. Unfortunately after my father was bit by a dog that was OFF LEASH in an ON leash area, my husband was chased while doing his morning run by a rotweiler in the ON Leash area by an OFF leash dog, and I was attacked by two OFF LEASH dogs at separate times- we can no longer go the park without anxiety and fear.

The park has been taken over by off leash dogs- when only one area is off leash- and it is a nice area! Why do owners have to be so rude for the rest of us? . It is outrageous that dogs have taken over the park. When we asked an owner to put their dog ON the LEASH they told us- their dog was not agressive---as it was barking and circling us! They then said "where are the signs?" as the actually walked right by one....guess they don't know how to read.

The areas in question where we have seen dogs off leash all the time are the trails leading down to and around Grendadier Pond, and the baseball fields when no kids are practicing. I used to take my 2 year old and let him run here- but now I am afraid I wont be able to protect him from an OFF Leash dog in the ON Leash areas. I wish this would be fixed so we could enjoy the park again- in harmony- people and animals.

OOPS, May 4, 2014 , posted by Wm. Perry , wm.perry@me.com

Maybe I mistook the area known as "The Hill" as the whole dog park. Are there dog trails leading away from the Hill?

off leash dog park, May 4, 2014 , posted by Wm. Perry , wm.perry@me.com

Contrary to what you website says, the dog park is enclosed and it is one of the smallest enclosed dog parks I have encountered in Toronto. With over 300 hectares couldn't you make some more space for dogs?

June?, May 3, 2014

Is it possible the trees won't bloom until June?

Toronto Islands also have cherry trees!, May 3, 2014 , posted by Admin

I just discovered this today: there are 30 Sakura trees at the Toronto Islands on Centre Island near the bridge! They have only been there since 2011. To mitigate the issues related to the large crowds at High Park during full bloom I encourage you view the blossoms at Centre Island this year!

cherry blossom, May 3, 2014 , posted by Malcolm , ifet@bell.net

when are the cherry trees in bloom please??

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